The Design Build Home Builders Houston process is an important and efficient new home delivery method for the design and construction of a new luxury one of a kind home. This process consist of hiring a qualified general contractor as your advocate and trusted adviser to facilitate both the architectural design and the new luxury home construction. As a comprehensive procedure, this method includes new home design, due diligence on your home building lot, assistance in the financing package, construction budget development, product selections and the construction of your new one of a kind luxury home project.

Benefits of the Design Build Home Builders Houston Process to the Owner

  • The general contractor is accountable for an effective collaborating design team,
  • The general contractor is accountable to the owner for keeping the design budget friendly,
  • The project will result in fewer design errors and omissions due to collaboration,
  • The project design phase results in less time to complete home building goals,
  • Provides the owner a professional adviser through the entire home building experience,
  • Will produce lower overall design cost and while creating more project continuity,
  • Often results in an overall lower total construction price due to value engineering,
  • Results in an earlier project completion of your new luxury home


Design Build Home Builders HoustonThe most opportune time to engage your home builders in Houston is before you have made any major obligations and after you have decided that you are committed to building your home. Your general contractor can be a major contributor in facilitating your entire project, providing due diligence in lot selection, developing the preliminary budget, managing and contributing to the design process, finalizing the construction budget, assisting in securing a financing package and building your new luxury home.

By hiring your advocate early in the process you can avoid unwanted surprises and setbacks in the home building process. The early advantages are directly related to your builder’s seasoned knowledge contributing to your new home site acquisition. Your general contractor will review the properties deed restrictions for design compliance, review the property survey for easement and setback limitations and assist in developing a financial feasibility study for your overall new luxury home budget.

The early concept design discussions will contribute to the builders and owners ability to openly discuss how the owners proposed home architectural style will fit with the proposed lots and neighboring home styles. As these discussions and relationship develop, the home builders can better evaluate a potential fit for the design architect in the team. This is also a good period for the owners to collect design details and features that are priorities for them to incorporate into their one of a kind home design.

The real value in the design build process for the owner is to have the appropriate time to directly work with the general contractor to establish a trusting relationship. The owners will be spending a great deal of time with their builder and should have a comfortable working relationship with this adviser. The second most important value to the owner is the financial accountability that the builder has to the owner throughout this method. As the design phases evolve, your builder is updating the construction budget, so by the end of the design phase the owner has a high confidence construction budget to build their new home. An additional benefit for the owner is their ability in moving forward free of concerns about design errors or omissions leading to buyer funded change orders. This process also eliminates the risk of designing a new home with an architect that ends up bidding out at 25% above their initial budget.


Design Build Home Builders

The design build process begins with the assembling of a professional team of experts. Your general contractor will arrange for the designer / architect and engineer to create a 2D & 3D plan with your participation. The scope of work for the project will dictate the service needs of the required licensed professionals to fulfill the project goals. Depending on the skills and needs of the owners, the team may also include an interior designer and/or a landscape architect. Once these service professionals are selected the general contractor will enter into design agreements with all the design team members.

It is the responsibility of the design team to provide stewardship in behalf of the owner in the development of the team’s design goals, timelines and priorities. These goals include conceptual drawings that reflect the ideas, photos and expressed wish list items of the new homes design features. The general contractors responsibility is to provide the leadership necessary to accomplish the goals of the design team in a timely manner and to communicate updating cost information that can critically effect the construction budget goals.

The primary goal of the design process is to develop detailed construction drawings that reflect the construction standards and owners specification preferences. These drawings should incorporate the dimensions and appropriate spacing for special product conditions, such as the required need of finished floor elevations prior to building a set of stairs. (Not making the appropriate measurement adjustments can lead to uneven steps). The product selections may not be entirely selected by the time the construction drawings are ready for permitting. In these cases your home builder should be able to provide the owner with a selection allowance schedule that reflects the class and category of the products that represent their wishes.


Hosuton Design Build

At this phase of the Design Build Process, the construction plans are complete and ready for permitting, a construction schedule has been completed and the construction budget is accepted by the owner. Depending on the flow of the design phase, the plans have been submitted for permit, long lead time items ordered, lot prep complete and utilities ordered.

It is essential in a project that the critical path product / materials be ordered or delivered wary of the construction schedule. It is in no one’s interest for significant schedule interruptions during the construction. This leads to another important point, although there are complete construction plans at this point, vendor shop drawings are required for special products being fabricated off site and installed on site. Special patterned material installations such as wall tile designs or floor inlays will require special drawings to fabricate the required pieces and give the installer guidance. These task should be completed early in the construction schedule.

Although we make all efforts to reduce the need for change orders and errors, construction is an industry which is installed and interpreted by humans. This is why you as the owner want your general contractor to closely supervise and monitor all the onsite activities. It is a priority of a well managed project to be carefully scheduled and synchronized including the coordination of critical path material/products deliveries with corresponding work task phases. The handling and coordination of expensive materials and products can impact the overall cost and schedule of the project.


Secured Warranty Program

The homeowners are often eager to begin enjoying their newly built home at this point. The entire design build process has taken somewhere from 12 to 24 months and the owners dream is finally within reach. It is in everyone’s interest to properly complete the process including post construction punch list, final compliance inspections and product start ups to insure the safe and comfortable use of the home. This also reduces stress and confusion on the owner to continue to make household schedule arrangements for workman completing items. It is important to allow the trades to complete their detailed punch list free of the possibility of damaging the owners personal items.

Home builders Houston have a variety of different warranty standards that they offer. Marwood Construction offers a comprehensive 1 / 2 / 10 warranty program secured and underwritten by a homeowner assurance policy for newly constructed homes. Our program represents one year warranty on cosmetic home items, two year warranty on mechanical and electrical equipment and ten years structural warranty. We also offer a comprehensive homeowner assurance program we would like to discuss with you.