Energy Efficiency Through Green Remodeling in Houston

6Oct 2017

When a homeowner has decided to journey through a Houston home remodeling project, commonly they are motivated by the anticipation of new cabinetry, enlarging their space by the removal of walls and the excitement of a home that will reflects their f...

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Is There a Silver Lining in Houston Home Flood Damage

25Sep 2017
Flood Damage Restoration

Houston homeowners that have experienced damage from flood waters are experiencing frustration and anger as their patience is taxed to levels as unprecedented as the 800 year rain levels brought by Hurricane Harvey. A month has passed since the feder...

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The Impact of Flooding on Houston Home Values

20Sep 2017
Flood Impact Houston Home Values

Houston experienced what weather experts are calling a 800 year storm when Hurricane Harvey spent 4 days over South Texas dumping a record 50+ inches of rain on our fine city. As a consequence of this devastation, homes that had never previously floo...

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Not Alone in Distress – Celebrities Stand By the Victims of Harvey

18Sep 2017
Celebrities Stand By the Victims of Harvey

Famous faces are coming together in consolidation with the grief of the families who lost their loved ones and properties in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The city of Houston in Texas had witnessed devastations of catastrophic nature thereby forcing ...

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Why Major Home Remodeling Can Save You Money

13Sep 2017
Home Remodeling

One of the greatest underappreciated features of a major Houston remodeling project is that it should be synchronized with replacement of obsolete home products like new roof shingles, windows and appliances. The results of combining the required obs...

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15 Must Have Houston Luxury Homes Amenities

6Sep 2017
Houston Luxury Homes Amenities

All Houston luxury homes that are built as one of a kind home designs have a story. From what it took to build the home, to what inspired the design, Houston luxury homes reflects both the owners personal experience and the contributions of the custo...

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Hurricane Harvey Houston Storm Damage; Houston Home Remodeling & Repairs

31Aug 2017
Houston Flooded Home

We have all experienced unprecedented devastation to our city and property as a result of Hurricane Harvey. This has been both physically and mentally exhaustive for everyone, especially for those that have experienced direct flooding of their proper...

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Will A Houston Remodeling Project Add Value to Your Home?

25Aug 2017
Will A Houston Remodeling Project Add Value to Your Home?

This is a question that every homeowner struggles with when seriously considering a Houston remodeling project. There are many articles of various aspects of this subject. Most of which focus strictly on the return on investment or cost vs value; (ht...

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Houston Luxury Homes – New Product & Design Selection Amenities

21Aug 2017
Houston Luxury Homes

As Houston custom home builders, we are regularly educating ourselves on new home design ideas and newest product selections available. There is a driving desire to continue to increase architectural enhancements and introduce the newest technology a...

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Houston Custom Home Builders Address Owners Fears

16Aug 2017
Luxury Home Builders

The new luxury home construction process can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for even the most experience luxury home building owners. The new luxury home construction process has many moving parts and is an emotionally charged experience. T...

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