What service value does Marwood Construction contribute to the home building experience?

Marwood Construction is focused on raising the bar on the new custom one of a kind home building experience. We do this by operating through transparency and conducting business with integrity. We offer our clients concierge design build services with flexible contract options for their risk tolerance taste.

Why should we work with your firm?

Beyond integrity and transparency Marwood Construction works very hard to earn and maintain our clients trust. We have been serving clients and investors since 2002 without any unresolved issues or serious disputes. We also have never had a claim dispute filed with the BBB. We take great pride in our companies reputation of dealing with clients with the foremost in integrity. We are an accredited NAHB / GHBA general contractor as a Graduate Master Builder and Licensed Certified General Contractor, CGC045381.

What is the most significant difference between custom home builders in Houston?

Most new custom home builders use many of the same subcontractors and material suppliers. This leaves their process and on site management skills to truly differentiate themselves from one another. Unless arranged, your builder will facilitate the process and conduct on site quality control, not someone he hired to supervise the construction.

What are the most important differences between Marwood Construction and your competitors?

In addition to the fore mentioned reasons, Marwood Construction has 38 years of diverse home building structural types, styles and techniques in construction methods building in different parts of the country. The most important reason is that you will actually work with the builder himself instead of working with his staff as with most new home builders. We can do this as a boutique general contractors by not taking on to many projects.

What are your construction fees?

Our construction service fees are based on the risk associated with the contract delivery method selected by our clients. The fees will be less for a cost plus contract then they would be a lump sum fixed price contract and with the other contract methods falling somewhere in between. We feel that the client should tell us what their risk tolerance they are comfortable with.

Will Marwood Construction build on a lot we purchased?

We will indeed, but often advise our clients to get us involved in the building site selection process as an adviser to assist with due diligence and various cost feasibilities to get a complete picture of all the variables before closing on the lot purchase.

When should I hire a custom home builder?

We recommend selecting a general contractor as early as possible after you have made the commitment to building a unique home. Your home builder should be a part of your design build team assisting with conceptual design pricing all the way through to providing a firm budget amount for the final drawings. The advantage to you is that you have the builder through the entire design stage reducing the need for major redesigns after the drawings are complete.

What are the most important factors in selecting their home builder?

There are many important aspects of the home building decision making criteria, but none more than doing business with a firm that operates with integrity and has a professional track record of a honorable reputation. Second to this would be that you and your builder should be like minded and enjoy working together. You are likely to spend between 18 – 36 months together during the design build process. Thirdly, actually working with the builder himself instead of one of his staff members.

What experience, education and accreditations should your builder maintain?

Your custom home builder should have many years of experience .in project equal to the challenges of the home you are considering building. The builder should provide you proof of this experience through his portfolio and other sources that makes you comfortable with his technical proficiencies. He should also be a member of NHBA and the GHBA. Members are encouraged and required to continue their education in developing industry legal affairs and the changing building codes and best practices. Texas does not require home builders to be certified or licensed, therefore you want to do business with a general contractor that continues to improve his trade through education and additional certifications such as the following NHBA accreditations; GMB, CGB.

Does the size of your builder matter?

The home builder size is often relevant to your needs as a customer. This is neither good or bad but speaks to the interaction level with the actual builder. A good general rule is the larger the construction firm the less you will likely actually deal with the builder on a day to day basis. Unless they are a national home building company, their buying power will not likely give them any real pricing advantages. If you require a greater amount of personalized service throughout the process, you will likely be better off with a boutique service firm.

Will the total price of my new home be more expensive with a larger builder?

Clearly defining this question will aid in effectively answering it. Most one of a kind custom builders may build 1 – 5 homes at any given time. If they are building more than that number of homes they are not likely to be a one of a kind custom home builders. Many custom home builders call themselves custom home builders because they will make changes to pre-existing home plans. This is a very different type of builder than the service that Marwood Construction offers.

What are the benefits of a builders strategic partners?

The market size for a highly specialized luxury builder is a small market in comparison to the actual local new home construction housing market. Builders make alliances with suppliers and different vendors for special pricing consideration in exchange for their consumer loyalty. So even if it is not in a clients interest to buy from a certain vendor or supplier, these strategic partnerships can actually result in higher prices to the home building owner.

Can Marwood Construction help us with financing our new home?

Marwood Construction can assist in arranging financing for your home project. Although this is not the only financial service facilitation we provide. We also are strategic in developing the documents required by your lender in structuring both the land loan, construction loan and final mortgage loan required in this process.

Can your builder provide a list of custom homes that they have built?

How do I select an Architect / Designer?

We can aid you in this required task as well. We have prepared a Q&A check list for acquiring the services of a qualified and talented architect / designer. We strive to be a part of this collaborating design effort to bring the client the best customer experience possible.

What assurances do I have that I can control the price of my one of a kind home construction cost?

By entering into a design build agreement, we as the vested partner will facilitate the design process as a working member of the design team. We provide assistance in the conceptual budgeting of various design scenarios and work with the architect and designer developing a high confidence construction budget for working drawings. This regular cost updating through the entire design process allows the client to be in control of the budget and the design process.

How do I protect myself from my builders systemic financial risk?

This is a good question. It does not matter how long a firm has been in business or how large or small. As we witnessed during the 2009 national financial crisis, there are too many variables to consider and to little disclosure provided to you as an owner to completely insulate yourself from your builder going out of business during or shortly after building your new home. There are some effective measures we can recommend to mitigate this risk if you are interested in discussing these options.

How do I protect my insurance risk interest in my home during construction?

Insurance is a risk management tool with many open ended exposures. Most builders carry general liability insurance. They may also carry workman’s compensation if they have employees on site. As a general rule builders should require their subcontractors to maintain both general liability and workman’s compensation as well. The lender should require the property title holder to provide builders risk insurance to mitigate the risk of substantial losses during construction. These insurance binders will provide you with sufficient insurance throughout the construction process.

Do you have additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, we are always pleased to meet with you and to offer you our services if you have the need.