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Houston Construction – Luxury Home Builders in Houston

Offering Unique Home Design Complimented by Unparalleled Luxury Home Builders Craftsmanship for Your Prosperous Lifestyle – Marwood Construction

Our professional design team is committed to vigilantly advising our distinguishing clients on their unique luxury homes needs above our own needs. Our goal for this collaborating effort is to provide you our best effort in planning, budgeting, scheduling and execution of your home construction project. We do take the management of your resources and the role of trusted advisor with great responsibility and humility. It is due to this fiduciary responsibility that we take great care in facilitating your personal service needs by developing the best possible fit with each design team member to assure the greatest customer experience available.

Our company creed “Excellence That Last a Lifetime” is not only our company slogan, it is our philosophical commitment to our clients and the unique luxury homes that they entrust us with. If you are interested in understanding our process, we invite you to learn more about luxury home builders in Houston.

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Houston Construction – Houston Remodeling

Creating Sumptuous Surroundings through Fine Craftsmanship for Your Pleasure and Satisfaction – Marwood Construction

Marwood Construction is a Licensed Certified General Contractor that provides full service Houston remodeling and restoration. We specialize in offering luxury design build solutions for challenging projects that do not have simple answers. The art of remodeling requires the careful blending of product updating and spacious planning with the existing surroundings to create a seamless transition between the old and new space. This process can create many unexpected surprises and challenges in many forms. We have adopted a very specific approach in qualifying the feasibility of our clients visionary ideas with the conceptual design through a collaborating effort, that results in both time and design cost savings for our client. This involves the meticulous evaluation of our clients existing home plan with the clients expectations to determine their best interest.

We have also discovered a key benefit that emerges through our process for both Marwood Construction and our clients. By working through the challenges of designing a unique space for our clients we experience a real time assessment in determining if we are a good fit working together. We realize this opportunity is an uncommon practice in the Houston remodeling business and provides great benefit to both parties avoiding undesired results.

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Houston Construction – General Contractor Service Agreements

General Contractor Service Agreements

Although the construction process typically follows the same basic steps, the operating procedures will vary according to the contract service agreement the client selects to fit their Houston construction approach. Home builders in Houston and Houston remodeling are big ticket expense item. As with most big ticket items our judicious clients evaluate the buying experience based on quality, service and value. Although quality and service can be more easily qualified, value becomes a function of perception. In the case of building a costly luxury home or a major remodeling project our clients want alternatives to the conventional construction contract methods of yester year.

Marwood Construction understands that each of our clients do not accept the same risk factors. This is why we offer alternative construction contract service agreements for their consideration. Our clients can determine the proper amount of risk they are willing to accept based upon the different cost associated with the various service contract agreements. For instance, the cost of a fixed lump sum price will be more than a price of a cost plus contract. To learn more about the different contract agreement contract terms:

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Quality Houston Remodeling for Houston Construction

  • Kitchen Remodeling

    Kitchen Remodeling

    Producing the best in chief styled and family friendly kitchen remodeling to enrich your daily life.

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  • Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Creating a memorable spa like oasis to rejuvenate your spirit with a new home bathroom remodeling project.

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  • Home Additions

    Home Additions

    Repurposing a seldom used space or creating new home additions to bring more value to your family’s lifestyle.

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  • Historical Restoration

    Historical Restoration

    If your treasured building requires authentic preservation or historical renovation, we have a design build solution for you.

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  • Commercial Remodeling

    Commercial Remodeling

    Specializing in high end tenant space creation and the commercial remodeling of high valued business purpose ambiance.

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