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Houston Remodeling Value Added Approach

13Dec 2017
Houston Remodeling Value Added Approach

The remodeling value added concept is an economic approach of assessing the marginal cost difference from adding more features to a product or service, upon the perceived market value. The general idea is to determine how the price of a product or se...

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Energy Efficiency Through Green Remodeling in Houston

6Oct 2017

When a homeowner has decided to journey through a Houston home remodeling project, commonly they are motivated by the anticipation of new cabinetry, enlarging their space by the removal of walls and the excitement of a home that will reflects their f...

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The Impact of Flooding on Houston Home Values

20Sep 2017
Flood Impact Houston Home Values

Houston experienced what weather experts are calling a 800 year storm when Hurricane Harvey spent 4 days over South Texas dumping a record 50+ inches of rain on our fine city. As a consequence of this devastation, homes that had never previously floo...

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Why Use a General Contractor Houston

28Jan 2017
General Contractors Houston

A general contractor by definition is a construction contractor that is a general construction expert in the building or renovation of their chosen structures type. There are general contractors for institutional, industrial, commercial and residenti...

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Design Build Remodeling Pre Construction Stages in Houston

20Jan 2017
Design Build Remodeling

Design Build is an extremely effective process for undertaking a home remodeling project or a major renovation venture. It provides enormous benefits to the homeowner by saving both time and money over the traditional approaches towards remodeling pr...

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