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Houston Home Remodeling or Building a New Home Pros and Cons

22Nov 2017
Houston Home Remodeling Pros and Cons

At sometime in your homeownership you are likely to face the challenges of deciding if you should build a new home or remodel your existing property. Tackling this problem is a difficult and complex dilemma to evaluate. It can be an emotionally charg...

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How To Avoid This Disastrous Remodeling Project in Houston

29Sep 2016

A Case Study : This happens more often than one would think. When it does happen it raises stress and frustration to new extreme levels. Both builder and owner lawyer up and the finger pointing game begins. The unfortunate truth is that no one is go...

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5 Reasons Why a Remodeling Project Takes Too Long

26Sep 2016

It all is so exciting at first. You can visualize what your new remodeling project is going to look like when it is complete. You have carefully vetted your design team and your general contractor.  All along  scrimping and saving to put the money ...

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