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Hurricane Harvey Houston Storm Damage; Houston Home Remodeling & Repairs

31Aug 2017
Houston Flooded Home

We have all experienced unprecedented devastation to our city and property as a result of Hurricane Harvey. This has been both physically and mentally exhaustive for everyone, especially for those that have experienced direct flooding of their proper...

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Home Renovations or Sell Dilemma in Houston

30May 2017
Home Renovation In Houston

It is all too common when a homeowner faces the perplexing and complicated dilemma of selling their existing home and buying a new home or remaining in the existing home and renovating the home to fit their current and future needs. In some cases thi...

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Developing Remodeling Budget / Price Expectations in Houston

17May 2017
Developing Remodeling Budget

One of the most confusing and misunderstood aspects of home renovations projects is the budget pricing task. Justifiably we all want the best value we can receive for our home improvement projects. Although the remodel contractors budget or bid price...

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Home Renovation in Houston

20Feb 2017
Home Renovation in Houston

When a homeowner is considering a home renovation in Houston there are many options to evaluate in how to increase their home value and improve their quality of life. The process usually starts when the homeowners sees the latest and greatest in new ...

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