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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Houston | Marwood Construction

19Jun 2017
kitchen remodeling

When considering a home kitchen remodel it all begins with a exhaustive search of the vast number of kitchen remodeling ideas that are available. There are many factors that make up our perception of the perfect kitchen. Kitchen renovations are the s...

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Houston Remodeling Contractors | Marwood Construction

6Jun 2017
Remodel Contractors

Remodel contractors come in many shapes and forms in their home servicing business's. There are many differences in their methods of operations and means of effectively providing and delivering client services and satisfaction. In today's world of ho...

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Home Renovation in Houston

20Feb 2017
Home Renovation in Houston

When a homeowner is considering a home renovation in Houston there are many options to evaluate in how to increase their home value and improve their quality of life. The process usually starts when the homeowners sees the latest and greatest in new ...

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5 Reasons to Buy a Family Home to Remodel in Houston

27Oct 2016

The home buying decision is a complicated process with many moving parts and scenarios. It begins with asking yourself some basic questions like; Should you stay in your existing home and remodel, maybe buy a brand new home or better yet, build a cus...

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5 Reasons Why a Remodeling Project Takes Too Long

26Sep 2016

It all is so exciting at first. You can visualize what your new remodeling project is going to look like when it is complete. You have carefully vetted your design team and your general contractor.  All along  scrimping and saving to put the money ...

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What Should You Know about Remodeling Your High Rise Condo?

21Sep 2016

High rise condominiums are plentiful across the Houston skyline. This has much to do with Houston's attraction as an international city and the affordable cost of living it offers. Although the high rise condo housing market is cyclical much like the...

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