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All GC's use a variety of scheduling techniques and mechanisms to plan for both the long and short
termed activities and events of the construction process. The most common reasons schedules fall
behind are twofold: weather events and the ordering of specialty products with long lead times not
being placed with sufficient time to meet the critical path of the schedule. By making decisive
product selections and communicating the desire for unique or distinct products and/or the
necessary specialized tradesmen, owners can assist in avoiding schedule slippage. As you know,
the Texas weather is unpredictable, so it is always a roll of the dice.

A brief word about structures… At Marwood Construction we are strong proponents of over
designing the structure of the home. For instance, soil report may not require foundation piers, but
as a best practice, we will install them for the future serviceability of the home. Another example is
that we use 2 x 6 exterior walls which makes for a much more stable perimeter and allows for a
greater amount insulation, increasing the R values of the envelope, ultimately saving the owner
money on utility bills. We also require the use of floor trusses. We use steel and composite beams
because of the enhancement and stabilization they provide to the longevity of the structure. If you
are building a luxury home for the ages, then these small, incremental expenses should never be a
second thought.

Builders Warranty

Unfortunately, in the State of Texas, neither owners’ of new home construction nor newly
remodeled homes are protected by explicit performance warranty laws. Instead, in the State of
Texas, new homeowners’ are required to either seek a remedy through the goodwill of the General
Contractor or seek restitution in the courts under Title 16 status –(i.e. causes of action based on the
implied warranty of good workmanship in construction and the implied warranty of habitability).
For this reason it is crucial that you carefully review the warranty documents that your Builder
provides for his customers. Once again, this exemplifies why it is imperative to select a
trustworthy professional as a partner in your building projects.

The reputable builders will normally buy and provide a separate warranty from a Warranty Service
Company, or even agree to stricter standards than those in the statute. Yet this does not relieve the
Builder of their ethical obligation, implied though the sales and service required, under an implied
warranty. Most quality Warranty Service Companies provide the following common standards:

    ï‚· 1 year warranty for workmanship and materials;
    ï‚· 2 year warranty for mechanical delivery systems;
    ï‚· 10 year warranty for major structural components of the Home; and
    ï‚· 10 year warranty of habitability.

Most responsible and reputable Warranty Service Companies provide a documented booklet of the
Standards of Performance and allowable variations in the standards. The Warranty Service
Company acts as an insurance company by providing assurances that your home will be covered in      


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