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Pros & Cons Summary

It is essential, when tackling the decision to build a new home or a complete home renovation, that
you clearly define your family’s current and future lifestyle and housing needs. Take into
consideration the neighborhood, yard, schools, medical and dining/shopping options. These
concerns are not always easy to prioritize, and yet are often pivotal in making the right decision
whether to build a new custom home or remodel your existing home. We will attempt to
summarize the pros and cons we have outlined in this guide.

Building a New Luxury House
Since new home construction prices are higher, your first impulse might be to buy a pre-existing
home. Instead, you might be amazed by the affordability of a superior quality new home, provided
you have the personal fortitude and willingness.

Building Your New Luxury Home Pros

    ï‚· A Uniquely Designed Home, Personally Tailored to Your Lifestyle Needs
    ï‚· Everything is Brand New with Warranties
    ï‚· Pride of Achievement and Ownership
    ï‚· A Home Built for the Generations
    ï‚· The Newest Money Saving Technology Available
    ï‚· Fulfilling a Long Life Dream

Building Your New Luxury Home Cons

    ï‚· It takes a Long Time to Plan and Build a New Home
    ï‚· Lots carry Cost & Construction Loan Expense
    ï‚· Can Be an Unpleasant Experience with the Wrong Professional Team

Major Renovation Project of Existing Home

This becomes a worthwhile consideration due to the advantages that this option offers:
Renovation Pros

ï‚· A Much More Cost Effective Solution than Building a New Home
ï‚· The Entire Process is Much Faster then Building a New Home
ï‚· Continuing to Enjoy the Advantages of the Familiar Neighborhood Surroundings
ï‚· Capturing the Value of a New Home without the Tax Valuation Impacts      


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