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ï‚· Most of the Benefits of a New Custom Home Built
ï‚· Financial Positive Leveraging of Existing Equity without Losing Marketing Appreciation Gains

Renovation Cons

    ï‚· Temporary Housing and Storing Your Belongings for a Extended Period
    ï‚· Limitations of Design Changes Imposed by Original Homes Design

Buying a House
Buying a house is an attractive option for many people because, in most cases, you can move into
the home shortly after closing. Oftentimes, homebuyers might fret over the purchase of a home that
has some less-than-stellar features. Keep in mind, the home you buy doesn’t have to be perfect
down to the wall paint. You can update the unattractive features of the home over time, and you
might even profit from a few upgrades.

5 Pros of Buying a House
Here are common benefits to purchasing an existing home:

    ï‚· Upgrade costs can be delayed: With a pre-existing home, you can take your time making
         upgrades, allowing you to better budget for the expenses.

    ï‚· Ability to move quickly: In most cases, the buyer can move in immediately after closing.
         There is no wait time or temporary housing to worry about.

5 Cons of Buying a Home

Disadvantages of buying a pre-existing home include:

     Buyer’s remorse: You need to discover and get used to the quirks in the house that didn’t
         stand out when you were in the buying process.

    ï‚· Upgrade costs: Having to move into a home and make upgrades can be a major time and
         money investment. The average cost of even the simplest home remodeling projects can
         cost thousands.

     You are stuck with the layout: You can’t easily change the layout or floor plan of a pre-
         owned home.

    ï‚· Decorating costs: You might have to invest some time and money to bring the home up to
         current decorating standards by removing wallpaper, changing paint colors or updating

    ï‚· Higher home insurance: Compared to a new home, the home insurance costs will be higher
         with a pre-owned home. New homes come with features that are new and up-to-date,
         unlike some pre-existing homes.      


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