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Regardless of whether you choose to remodel or build a new home, it is our wish that you have
found this guide useful and insightful. At Marwood Construction, we are passionate about the
residential home building industry and the professional standards that the industry should uphold.
We are also sensitive to the level of trust that is bestowed upon us by our clients.

If you have further questions regarding the Design Build process or would be interested in
discussing the building of a new home or a major renovation project needs with us, we would be
pleased to assist to you in any way we can. Marwood Construction is committed to quality
craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. We look forward to serving your luxury housing

We take our clients’ trust and professional responsibilities very seriously. If we can be of any
service, we would be honored to extend our assistance to serve you. Please visit us at .

We can be reached at 713-818-1720 or contact us at      


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