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Building, Buying or Remodeling Your Next Luxury Home

                    A Professional General Contractor's Inside View

Evaluating housing ownership options are a complex and emotionally charged topic that many of
our upscale families face several times in their adult lives. It often involves challenging personal
questions and jigsaw puzzle type economic analysis to formulate an informed opinion or decision.
The purpose of this guide is to provide a broadly organized and objective overview of the relevant
factors to consider that play a significant role in leading to a decisive action.

Building a custom home or undertaking a full home renovation is no small task, and not for the faint
of heart. The process is arduous, but if you have the patient determination to see it through, it can
be one of the most gratifying undertakings in your life. There are very few things in life that are as
rewarding as the achievement of completing a major home project.

Due to the complex nature of economic factors, such as locations and the multiple issues
surrounding different evaluation scenarios, we will limit the scope of this subject matter to our
Houston business service area. Marwood Construction services the high end neighborhoods of
Memorial, Tanglewood, River Oaks, West University and the immediate surrounding areas. These
locations have many common economic factors that make them sensible to correlate for our topic.

Let me start by saying that a home should first and foremost resonate with your lifestyle. Your
home should reflect how you live day to day. It should mirror the importance you place on your
quality of life to one and all.

With that said, this guide was developed to assist the homeowners when they are seriously
considering building a custom home or remodeling their existing home. Our goal is to provide you,
the homeowner, with information and insights about the process of building a new home or
undertaking a major remodeling project. Through this summary, we endeavor to outline the
reasoning and justification required, to assist you in the decision making process of this substantial
undertaking. It is our desire to help you develop a road map of understanding for the process of
each option, and how to get there as painlessly as possible. This is a very personal decision and
each individual family has different needs and wants. The key to this process is to be open and
honest with yourself about what is truly important in your lifestyle.

We will begin with a profile of the high-end, Central Houston housing market conditions in an effort
to set value perimeters for comparisons of our topic.      


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