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There is no right or wrong way to go about collecting photo images for your photo portfolio. It is
useful to prepare multiple files, such as exterior elevations, floor plans, interior room elevations,
kitchens, baths, exterior living features, products, etc. As you find picture images of interest, make
notes in the captions of what you like represented in the images you have saved. We recommend
free services such as and to begin your search because they provide a
comprehensive collection of photo images and allow you to store your photo portfolio on their site.
So when the time comes, you can share your ideas electronically with your Design Team. You can
clip photo images from magazines and print images from popular interior designers’ site’s to keep a
set of hard copy images to supplement your online portfolio.

Making notes about the beloved, special features of your current home can be very beneficial. This
includes treasured items in your existing home that you will wish to feature in your new home, such
as art work, family photographs, collections and keepsake furniture pieces. Also include floor plan
elements of the existing home, storage or access issues, and/or problems with functionality that
have irritated you during the time in the residence. Be sure to note areas/features of your current
home that have been a maintenance drain on your time or caused you aggravation. There is no
reason to continue to live with time consuming maintenance or aggravating design/installation
issues when you are planning a new home.

Preparing for the design process is similar for either building a new home or planning for a major
renovation. The difference when planning for a major renovation, is that you are often limited by
the perimeter envelope of your existing structure. Yes, you can build a one-story home into a two-
story home and yes, you can extend the perimeter envelope. The limitations begin when you want
to make extensive layout changes to bathrooms/plumbing (causing the foundation to be
substantially modified) or when large numbers of load bearing walls are being transferred to
foundation locations not designed for these loads. Although these design requests can be achieved,
the cost seldom merits such a modification.

Concept pricing of your new home construction can be achieved for preliminary budgeting
purposes by simply looking through for new construction home prices. If you have an idea
of what size you want for your future dream home and have an idea of lot pricing for the identified
area, it only takes a little math to project what your home’s target value will be when completed.
This is not as easy to determine for a whole home renovation, but you can assume that it will be
substantially less. You may want to do some research by attending some open houses of properties
that have recently been modified and restored. This will give you a good ballpark with which to


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