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• Providing utilities to the site including yard lines and meters,
• Site Preparation (clearing away trees, stabilizing soil, cutting and filling to grade the site,

• Demolition (if there are structures currently on the lot)
• Special Equipment Rental, Site Security,
• Permit Fees, Professional Fees, Site Security, Surveys,
• Hardscape (exterior built items i.e. sidewalks, driveways, patios, pools, etc.)
• Landscaping, Irrigation, Sod

During the early stages of the design phase it is common for architects and builders alike to
use square footage values to establish perimeters for budget estimates to communicate
with each other and the client. We use these costs per square foot references all the time
during the schematic and design development phase and it’s rather remarkable how often
they bear out. After concept drawings have been approved by the owner and toward the
tail end of the preliminary drawing stage, the general contractor will implement unit
component pricing for a detailed and higher confident confirmation of the budgets
schedule of values. Lets discuss these concept pricing mechanisms;

$150 per Square Foot Range Up

• This is the lowest amount that production builders generally design to for a 2 story
    home that contains at least 2,500sf. $150/sf will get you a brick & siding house,
    composition shingle roof, aluminum windows, premium counter tops, and a slab on
    grade foundation.

$200 per Square Foot Range Up

• This is the cost where most semi custom builders projects fall just north of $200/sf .
    This price point will get you Brick house with front window cast stone features, upgrade
    roof shingles insulated windows , hardwood floors , high ceilings and upgrade finish
    products like appliances, plumbing fixtures and designer features

$250 per Square Foot

• $250 will get you a brick house, or masonry stucco, standing seam metal roof or tile roof,
    clad/wood windows and hard surface floor materials. You will also be at the point
    where you should expect premium built-in appliances, designer plumbing vessels, and
    some extremely custom fabricated pieces i.e. steel framed entry doors, specialty feature
    lighting, and exposed floating staircases.  713-818-1720

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