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$300 per Square Foot

• At $300/sf, the exterior of your choice, concrete tile roof, whole house integrated art and
    audio visual controls, custom steel windows, etc., specialty energy features like
    decorator wall features, exotic stone and handcrafted block paneling, framing ceiling
    details, etc. Typically the interior has extensive millwork and multiple ceiling
    architectural features, with a premium lighting package.

$400 per Square Foot & Up

• At $400/sf, the exterior can be entirely 4″ thick cut Hadrian limestone panels on copper
    flashing, true slate roof, whole house integrated art and audio visual controls, custom
    steel windows, etc., specialty energy features like geothermal, handmade tiles,
    handcrafted furniture grade built-ins etc. The artistry of building goes past normal
    thresholds of just using over the counter products, the components become handmade
    and the craftsmanship becomes very tightly defined performance standards.

It is worth pointing out that these square foot prices include builders fees and are
represented by air conditioned square footage of the home, not by under roof footage.
When you add garages and additional under roof outdoor areas to the structure, the results
can affect the pricing matrix by $50 to $100 square foot. These budgetary square footage
unit pricing mechanism do not address vast privacy brick walls, resort style pool and spas
or the cost of the building lot.

Know that we have provided a basis for developing the construction budget we should
discuss the cost associated with the building site. The Metro Houston area current land cost
represents a range of a low of $40/sf in near West Houston to the a high of $120/sf in
Rivers Oaks. This a very wide range with the average cost of $80/sf in such neighborhoods
as Tanglewood and Memorial Villages. This suggest that for a 1/4 acre lot you will pay
nearly $1,000,000 for these address locations. There are surrounding subdivisions that will
yield you a lesser price but will also yield less when it is time to sell one day.

It is important to note that your selected lot has a huge impact on the price / value
perspective. Your address has a substantial financial impact on your new housing
investment decision. The property values in Houston radiate from the apex of the highest
priced neighborhoods. The land values for these areas have historically increased steadily
during economic expansion periods and maintained their values during contractive
periods. Home values in Houston have not only preserved their values but have steadily
increased over the past 30 years.  713-818-1720

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