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Home Site Selection

Although we have focused on land required for the building site, this important topic
warrants even greater attention. That is due to the long term overall contribution that the
right building lot can contribute the design, lifestyle and ultimate value of the property. A
great location for the building site can offset many negatives of a less than well designed
home. Design problems with a home can be overcome by good design, but a bad lot is
nearly impossible to fix.

In the Houston metro areas, the lot inventory consist of building sites that homebuilders
have purchased to construct homes under contract for the intended purpose of future
home buyers to purchase a lot and home package. These builders purchase obsolete homes
that get listed on the market, commonly referred to as tear downs, understanding the
importance of premium lots to selling future custom homes. Once purchased the existing
obsolete home is demolished and haul off to the land fill. These premium lots are not
frequently available, whence the need to begin your building lot search early enough to
select the best available when you are ready to build. During expansive economic periods it
is common to experience lot shortages due to the high demand for premium future building
sites. Outside of the metro area, developers provide building lots for clients in gated
communities where they can choose from a small hand select group of authorized custom
builders preapproved by the land developer to construct your home on their lot options.

The acquisition of a building lot is completed through many different methods. You can
search for property yourself if you know the neighborhood that you are interested in or
you can contact a well known realtor to conduct a defined search. The most effective
method to reduce the chance of unwelcome surprises is to engage a general contractor to
assist you with this process as an advisor or design build consultant. Whichever course you
take you should start your search well in advance of your need to build. You should prepare
for the lot selection timeline to take nearly as long as it takes to build the new home.

Some of the advantages of using the general contractor is that he can research the deed
restrictions and building restrictions that may affect what you ultimately are able to build
on your new lot. There are always setback restrictions, easements and building
restrictions imposed by the building department and deed restrictions. Another great
advantage is that your builder can stake out the rough layout of the concept footprint so
you can actually get a feeling of the views from your proposed home plan. This practice also
aids in understanding privacy needs and the unanticipated potential loss of mature trees
that were not always accounted for during establishing design perimeters.  713-818-1720

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