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Selection of a Builder

This may be the most important task in building your unique dream home. After all if you
have selected the right builder he becomes your adviser and partner through every step of
the homebuilding process. He can make the homebuilding experience exciting and a stress
free experience or he can cause you to regret that you ever considered the idea. The
essential point is that you need to hire a builder that you can trust and effectively
communicate with during both disagreements and frustrating periods. Someone that will
listen closely to your ideas and openly share the impact on the budget and the feasibility of
implementing unique ideas.

This relationship is more than traditional customer service, it is more of a professional
trusted adviser in all matters of the homebuilding process. His function should include
being an advocate for the owner by assisting them in matching their personality with like
minded design team members. The bottom line is, does he make you feel comfortable and
do you trust him? It's much like dating and marriage, you should get to know each other
before you consider marriage.

Your custom homebuilder should be highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable.
Having the right partner in your corner really pays off when faced with adversity. How
does he handle the conflict? How quickly does he react? How well did he interact with you
during a stressful period? The real value of a professional partner, if it be your attorney or
accountant, is how did their advice pan out during a challenging time.

The best way to interview you builder candidate is by preparing for a detailed interview.
Ask him questions about the quality of the products he uses in the structure, that you
cannot see after construction. Ask him about the types and style of homes he personally has
experience building. What were some of the methods he used to do dangerous work will
tell you how he feels about job site safety. Discuss the process for selecting subcontractors
and how he vets them. Have an open discussion about contractual methods he is willing to
structure the business agreement.

It is also a good idea to have some conversations with clients that your builder has worked
with in the past. It is not always possible to see a high end builders finished product but
you should be able to have a conversation with them. Ideally, you would like to discuss
what their experience was like interacting with your builder during good and bad times.
Secondly, have a discussion with a client that has been in one of the homes he built 10 or 20
years ago if possible. Time is the ultimate test of quality.  713-818-1720

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