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Semi-Custom Builder vs One of a Kind Custom Builders

If you do a search on the internet these days, you will immediately find a wide and large
swath of various homebuilders claiming they build custom luxury homes. The range of
builders includes production homebuilders who historically build from a collection of
predesigned plans with multiple elevations, to the "one of a kind" builder, which may on
occasion build a spec home in an exclusive gated community. There are in fact 3 very
different types of builders that claim title to luxury custom homebuilder. 1) The production
builder that allows the buyer to pick color and samples preselected by the builder. 2) The
semi custom builder that allows a buyer to make changes to a predesigned home plan. 3)
The one of a kind custom home builder that works with an architect and creates a home
design to fit every need that the client wishes. There are indeed significant differences in
each of these builders methods and approach meeting a home buyers expectations.

The principle difference is that most semi custom builders will make adjustments to a base
plan and offer multiple options and product upgrades for each of their homes. Whereas
with an one of a kind custom home builder, a buyer can build a plan that has been uniquely
designed by an architect and has never been built before. This home plan design process
can meet any request that the homebuyer may desire. The one of a kind general contractor
builds to accommodate sustainable initiatives driven by structural features designed into
the home. These homes are also built to accommodate specific type of products that
require advanced planning prior to implementing, such as a hard to get exclusive exotic
material from a foreign land.

Another significant difference is who the owner will be interacting with during the
construction of their new home. When doing business with production builders or semi
custom builders, the buyer will frequently negotiate with a sales representative during the
design and purchase phase. They will then be transferred to a field supervisor (project
manager / superintendent) for the construction phase of the home. Then again to the
warranty department for post construction concerns. In the case of the one of a kind
builder you will likely be interacting with the principle throughout the entire process.

Both types of builders are good options and each can deliver a great new home for you.
Much of the decision will rest in how many choices you wish to make and how personalized
you want your new home. It also depends on how much design input you’d like to have
while partnering with your builder during your home’s design and construction phases. At
its core the difference between a semi custom builder and a custom builder is simple:  713-818-1720

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