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A semi custom builder simultaneously builds multiple homes based on a library of home
plans. Each home is customized in several key respects. Buyers personalize their home by
selecting products in many categories (such as appliances, cabinets, countertops and
flooring) from a menu of options offered and pre-chosen by the builder.

A custom builder typically creates a one-of-a-kind home that offers even a greater range of
design choices, including a home site selected specifically for the home being designed.
This difference in approach and methodology between custom and semi custom builders
will help determine what product and design choices you’ll make during your custom home
building experience. The fundamental differences will also shape how you and your builder
will work together.

For the purposes of this information source and due to the complicated nature of this topic,
we will restrict most of the information shared to one of a kind luxury custom home
builders. Although we will share relevant information concerning the general home
construction market in Houston throughout this document.

Design Build Plans or Pre Designed Plans

Another critical element of evaluating building a new custom home is determining if the
home plan design fits your family's lifestyle. This is a very important consideration due to
the benefits and limitations that each of these builders processes present. Although both of
these design process methods may involve an architect and structural engineer, that is
about all they have in common. As previously mentioned, a semi custom builders have a
library of plan designs that they will typically be agreeable to make changes to. They will
treat these changes as one of a kind designs when it comes to the add on pricing, but the
home plan will still be the plan that has likely been built before.

In contrast when you undertake your home design with a custom builder he will present
you an all in construction price one of two ways. He will either contract directly with the
architect under a design build agreement or the custom builder will present a bid to build
your new home based upon the plans and specifications of the architects that you hired
directly. Conventional wisdom suggest that it is in the owners interest to directly hire the
architect. This often is not the case when you analyze these two methods in comparison.
When you hire an architect directly and then take bids from a general home contractor, the
bids are based on the plans and supporting documents. If unfortunately there are design  713-818-1720

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