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errors or omissions in these documents, it becomes the owners problem. In addition if
there is a grey area in the allowance schedule or documented plans that leads to an
incomplete design feature, this situation places the owner in the middle of the builder's and
architect's general denial of responsibility.

There is a better and more efficient method referred to as the design build approach. In the
design build approach the owner contracts directly with the custom builder who in turn
hires the architect. This creates a collaborating effort between general contractor and
architect. This process of design has many great advantages and benefits for the owner.

• The most important benefit for you as the owner is the builder becomes fully
    accountable for design and construction of the home.

• This collaborating effort of the design team results in more control by the owner
    over the actual design process and construction budget. This benefit is achieved
    through the builder taking ownership of the construction budget created and
    verified through the plan design phases . For the builders role in design build is a
    incremental part of the design build process. He is responsible for providing cost
    estimation verification of the construction cost at different phases of the design

• This ownership usually results in reduced design errors and change orders.
• The design build process also leads to greater cooperation between architect and

    builder and overall lower design cost from the nature of the efficiency in this

Critics of this design method claim that the design build process ultimately leads to higher
overall project cost to the owner due to the lack of competitive bidding. There have been
multiple studies conducted on this subject. Their conclusions found just the opposite took
place. The studies revealed cost savings as follows;

• Design Build reduces design errors and omissions resulting in fewer change orders
• Through this collaborating effort cost savings were generated through value,

    engineering and the introduction of introducing innovated methods to achieve
    similar design results ,
• That the design build process reduced both design and construction time, hence
    saving money and time.

These studies concluded that the advantages generally outweighed the disadvantages
resulting from the fore mentioned cost saving factors.  713-818-1720

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