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Summarizing the design build process leads to less financial risk for the owner through
greater cost control and less exposure to design errors and omissions. This method of
design also allows the owner sufficient time to determine if the custom builder is the
proper fit as the construction partner for the home construction project. If both parties
come to the conclusion that this is not a good working relationship, the owner can conclude
the terms of the design build contract and place the plans for bid with other possible
builder partners.

Relevant In Demand Luxury Home Design Features

Architectural Uniqueness is not easy to obtain. A good design team will listen to your wants
and needs and provide you with several conceptual ideas. The artistry of this process is
architecturally defining a specific statement of uniqueness that will transition into the
neighborhood where the front elevations of other homes is a significant selling point of the
area, your front home elevation design should not be so unique that its shocking.

Ceiling Heights create a greater sense of space and volume. This is an excellent way to
create uniqueness and openness in the floor plan. Mixed with natural light, high ceilings
add a great deal of excitement to the space.

Unobstructed Views and Natural Light is no better way to capture the purity of a design
than by adding an abundance of natural light and breathtaking views from various
positions throughout the home. These two features introduced to a home design extend the
design beyond the borders of the homes envelope.

Location, Location, Location is the first rule of any real estate transaction for a very good
reason. The location drives the privacy, convenience, lifestyle factors and most of all the
future price value of the home.

Open Functional and Assessable Floor Plan Design will provide you years of exceptional
pleasure and service. There is a growing popularity for incorporating universal design
practices into home planning. The benefits are that as one reaches a maturing age, homes
that have not made proper design provisions for bathroom safety and eliminating potential
fall hazards. Fall hazards from required climbing that results from overreaching and
slippery floors can lead to future remodeling expenses and worse, future medical issues
from accidents.  713-818-1720

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