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Technology advances in new homes are dynamic and widely popular in today's homes.
The use of the internet, home entertainment, wireless devises not to mention the remote
controlling of lighting, temperature control, home security has become every day
occurrences. The future holds common use for health monitoring devises, home energy
intelligence and integrated home sensors for routine functions. Technology is becoming
essential in a home for the future.

Gourmet Kitchen regardless of your passion or culinary skills, the kitchen has become the
heart and soul of the home. With the openness of home floor plans, kitchens have become
the center piece in home design. They are collectively where everyone assembles during
any gathering.

Spa Room are one of the more recent most have's. They are also called wet rooms and can
be incorporated into an extension of the home gym and master bathroom. Many of the
features that are used in a spa room have been previously used in the high end master
baths, such as whirlpools, saunas, multiple showering features. The advantage of a spa
room is that they can be used by guest and family members without giving up the privacy
and intimacy of the master bath.

Oversized Bedroom to Fit Any Size Bed may sound like a small impact feature in modern
design but it has a major impact on secondary bedrooms that have higher ceilings. These
rooms can be used for future multi generational lodging or useful for family members
returning temporarily to the nest.

Advanced & Integrated Security Systems are a must in high end homes. The need for early
response has never been more important especially in metro Houston. The need for
surveillance cameras at entries and exits is a small price to pay when it comes to your loved
ones safety. A growing need with our clients is planning hidden rooms for valuables or to
use as a safe room in case of intruders.

Tasting Room and Wine Cellars continue their popularity among collectors and novices
alike. Many of these spaces have also been adapted to provide exhaust systems for cigar
smoking and compact kitchen areas for preparing hors d'oeuvres or just serving fruits and

Home Office are almost a required part of everyday business. The newest home offices are
equipped with multimedia equipment, oversized computer screens and access directly to
the business location to work from home remotely.  713-818-1720

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