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Home Gym have made it increasingly easier to work out at the convenience of our schedules
in the privacy of your home. People are continuing to understand the value of remaining
physically fit. The home gym concept has expanded with the popularity of the spa room
often placed adjacent to or incorporated within the home gym's design.

Storage is always been a required element of home living, just look at the growth of mobile
storage units. Instead of piling everything we can not fit in the cabinetry, owners are
planning special areas such as holiday rooms and keep sake closets for storing items for
long periods of time.

Luxurious Dressing Area's are still a required feature in high end homes. They are often
equipped with hardware devices that allow for clothing items to be easily reached at the
higher levels of the shelves. This provides greater use of the upper space of the closet and
gives owners a easy storage solution for rotating seasonal clothing accessibility.

Second Master Bedroom Suite are increasingly in demand. This is driven by multi
generational living, older adults not sleeping together, spouses not wanting to share their
personal space and conflicting schedules interrupting each others sleep.

Understanding Price / Value

Understanding the price value relationship for high end residential design and construction
is a function of the envelope's design for the homes shell, product components selected and
the magnitude of the general condition expenses. This information becomes essential when
preparing the schedule of values for your home budget. We will examine these factors and
discuss their financial impact and relationship between price and value.

Residential construction costs are not overly complicated unless you really want to make
them that way. They are categorized into traditional accounting cost buckets of direct or
indirect cost. These terms are also referred to in home construction as hard and soft cost.
In more descriptive categories we will refer to them as direct construction cost (hard cost,
sticks and bricks), indirect cost (soft cost ie finance cost, professional fees, ect) and general
conditions (cost associated with the lot & location of site).

When starting to plan for a construction budget, there are some items that you should plan
on including in your budget. These general conditions would include items specific to the
conditions of your general location and the specific building site :  713-818-1720

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