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                                                   Project Schedule

               It is best for the homeowners family during a major renovation to make other living
               accommodations or to go on vacation if possible. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible.
               In these situations, careful discussion and consideration between GC and homeowners to
               plan for the homeowners every day convenience during the project.  The best method is
               careful planning of  multiple construction phases by allowing for a portion of the home to
               remain dust free and plan temporary utility rerouting to avoid service interruptions at less
               than opportune moments.  These temporary adjustments and accommodations will more
               than offset the expenses of alternative housing during the duration of the project

                 The GC should provide some form of
                 project schedule for the restoration

                 project with weekly updates as to
                 the project  progress's. Weather and
                 unexpected surprises can quickly

                 cause  schedule delays. It is

                  extremely important to the project
                 and relationship success that  open
                  conversation be shared between GC
                 and homeowner regarding concerns

                 and expectations of projected
                 scheduling milestones and
                 completion dates.  On smaller

                 projects this matter is even more
                 critical due to the relaxed nature of

                 expectations due to short time lines.

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