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                      Preparing Yourself and Family for a Home Restoration Project

               Although we have touched on many of the following items, it would be appropriate to cover
               these items in light of preparing the homeowner for the restoration project journey.

                       a) Financial - This topic causes considerable stress and conflict before, during and
               after a remodeling project. Pay a little more for a professional and the results will translate
               into greater value in your home and enormous sense of pride. Secondly, do not bite off
               more than you can chew. If the pricing is pushing your budget to the max, scale back the
               scope of work or look for acceptable alternative products. It is much wiser planning a

               contingency reserve for the unexpected surprises then living with stress of trying to figure
               out how to complete your project.  This will only result in greater schedule delays,
               interruption of the use of your home and likely greater cost from remobilizing back to the

                       b) Align your Expectations with your GC - The remodeling journey will go much
               more enjoyable if you and your GC's  interest and project goals are aligned. This means
               both parties are entering into a good faith relationship with a win / win attitude. The GC
               should clearly understand the homeowners vision and should be sensitive to the conditions
               stipulated by the homeowner.  The homeowner should understanding that as diligent as
               the GC may try, there is going to be dirt, dust and noise. There are also likely to be lost work
               days that push an optimistic completion date.  It is a two way street that is best traveled
               together with each other interest in mind and reaching the same goal.

                        c) Be Decisive - It is acceptable to mull things over when faced with a decision
               regarding your dream project. Ask as many questions as you can to get a complete
               understanding about your options, what the consequences of the change will be and the
               pending what if's. But be decisive when you make your decision or choice. Nothing will run
               up cost or slow a project down more than not making decisions or changing your mind too


                       d) Contain Your Emotions - This is often a great challenge for homeowners who
               have become personally invested in their projects. Find a constructive way to share your
               disappointment when things don't go as planned or discussed. Communication of details
               can get lost in translation. It is best that you and your GC agree on several key items;
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