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               a) who is your project point of contact, b)  who is the is responsible to you when you are
               displeased. Losing it will not get you what you desire. Find a location away from the dust
               and noise that you can visit if you feel your blood pressure rising or tearful. In most cases,
               the trades do not make mistakes on purpose and when told of their mistakes, they feel bad
               for their short comings.


               There are many moving parts to the complexity of planning and preparing for renovation of
               the family home. It is my desire that this guide will be of some value in your pursuit of your
               homes remodeling project.  If you have further questions regarding the renovation process
               or would be interested in considering discussing your remodeling need with us, we would
               be pleased to be of assistance to you in any way we can. Marwood Construction is
               committed to quality craftsmanship and  unparalleled customer service. We look forward
               to serving  your luxury housing needs.

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