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                             Planning & Preparing for a Major Home Renovation

               Remodeling your home can be a rewarding and wonderful experience if patiently and
               carefully planned. I know what you are thinking, is this guy crazy? Having my home
               completely destroyed is wonderful and rewarding!!! My wife has told me that it is much
               like elective surgery.  if meticulously planned and prepared for, the ends justify the means.
               The quality of life resulting from a well planned renovation, is a much greater reward then
               the short sacrifice to get there.

               Preparing & Planning a home renovation is a complex process and can become
               overwhelming. This report was developed as a general guide to assist homeowners in
               emotionally preparing themselves and their expectations for the remodeling process. In

               addition, we have  organized this article in the required steps to ensure an effective
               planning process for homeowners to follow.

               If you are searching for resources for guidance with your renovation project, this suggest
               you have a need and desire to improve your homes lifestyle. Yes, I did say lifestyle. Your
               home reflects your taste and desires of your lifestyle to your family, your friends and most
               of all to yourself. It is where your family gathers for holidays and where you entertain your
               valued friends.  So by the mere fact that you are looking for renovation planning insights
               implies that you are motivated. You have evaluated your surroundings and have
               determined that it is time for some changes to your home.

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