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                                                Preparing a Wish List

               You should begin by identifying the areas of your home that you would like to repair,
               update or completely change.  Take some time to develop a complete wish list of rooms and
               areas of the home that are in need of some level of restoration. This is the time to allow
               yourself to dream and image what your home could look like without qualifying limitations.
               Just image if  there were no restrictions like money or interruptions of your day to day life
               with workers, dust and the other realities that come with a major remodeling project.  Let
               your visualizations and imagination soak in and sleep on these ideas.

                                                                   After your visit to Fantasy Island, it's
                                                                   time to prioritize your wish list. This

                                                                   should be done by focusing on the
                                                                   emotional value you have placed on
                                                                   these mental pictures . Not by financial
                                                                   limitations or other practical reasoning
                                                                   decision making tools at this stage.
                                                                   There will be time for this later. The
                                                                   significance in prioritizing your wish list
                                                                   is that you are allowing your emotions
                                                                   and creativity to lead this process. The
                                                                   significance of this procedure is that it
                                                                   will assist you in clarifying what is
                                                                   important to you.  So when you are
               required to start eliminating ideas through reasoning and justification while preparing

               your preliminary budget, your important  priorities don't get dismissed easily.

               We at Marwood Construction also like to look at the wish list as a menu. Your immediate
               budget may not be practical for a specific item or area of the home during a specific
               remodeling phase, but by focusing on the big picture we can plan and build in the
               infrastructure for future remodeling projects or even do it yourself projects.  This provides
               you the advantages of  responsible financial planning, while avoiding disrupting recently
               remodeled work to accommodate access for future project needs, like light switches,
               underground conduit and flooring material pattern breaks. This is why I always
               recommend looking at your home wish list globally.
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