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                                         Collecting Design & Product Ideas

               This is our clients favorite part of the renovation process. If they could only find the photo
               image of the room they wanted and snap their fingers! Well it not quite that easy, but it still
               is enjoyable for them.

               Collecting design ideas and photo images of products and well designed spaces is critical
               for conveying your ideas and dreams to your team of professional advisers and
                                                              collaborators.  In our era of the internet, it has
                                                              never been easier for a homeowner to access
                                                              good design and product ideas . Unlike the
                                                              past, you are no longer restricted to books
                                                              and magazines, you can visit web sites such
                                                              as; , , Home-
                                                     , , ect.  These
                                                              resources will provide you with design,
                                                              product, color and fashion ideas that will have
                                                              your imagination racing with possibilities.

                                                               Why is this important you ask? A picture is
                                                              worth a thousand words. Most homeowners
                                                              biggest complaint is that their design team or
                                                               sometimes just the contractor, did not listen
                                                              to their ideas and needs. While this is often a
               valid issue, the homeowner is far better off working from a specific reference point that
               photographs offer.  Photo images provide a working canvas allowing your decorator,
               designer and contractor to actually see the intricate detail associated with your vision. This
               will also stimulate open discussion about the purpose of use and functionality of your
               ideas. This method is also provide you a good indication of communication and the future
               working relationship with your adviser.  In all your collaborating parties will work more
               efficiently and produce a more detailed design plan. The results will save you money and a
               great deal of frustration during the entire remodeling process.

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