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                              Allowing Enough Time for Preparing and Planning

                This is a topic that causes our clients the largest amount of heart burn. If they have never
               undertaken a major remodeling project before, they will undoubtedly  underestimate the
               required time line from wish list to completion of their project. By underestimating your
               time requirements, the homeowner welcomes a significant amount of unwarranted stress
               into their lives. This results in either higher cost or sometime postponements, which in
               turn generates ill will for all concerned

                As a rule of  thumb, a homeowner
                should allow 3-4 times the amount

                of time required to actual complete
                construction of the project.  If you

                do not know how long the
                construction side of the
                remodeling project will take, start

                with looking at a calendar and
                determining when you would like

                the physical work to actually take
                place, such as when kids are out of
                school or having your home in top

                shape for a holiday season. Work
                backwards making note that this
                will be a time consuming process,

                blocking out seasonal down time,
                vacation time and high demand

                times of in your life. You can never
                over plan and never start the

                process to early. Just ask someone

                you know, the better the planning,
                most often the better the project

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