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                            Decorator / Designer / Architect / General Contractor

               All 4 of these specialty professions have a place in the renovation process.  The question is
               what is right for you?

               Decorators are great with furniture, fabrics and color. This what they do. If this is a skill
               set that you do not possess, then having a Decorator as part of your team could provide
               some stunning results. The size of the renovation will determine what and how much of
               role the Decorator will play in the overall project.

               Designers are great for homeowners that are having issues with space and finished
               products. Designers are very useful in providing as built drawings of existing floor plans
               and drawing up plans for taking bids. Most good designers will introduce you to new
               products and trending design ideas. We have found that most designers are not the most
               appropriate professional for a major renovation that often effects the structure. Most
               designers are not required to be licensed, but are a good fit  for developing plans for
               smaller projects with quick turnaround.

               Architects are licensed professionals that not only offer design guidance but will process
               the training and ability to determine the impact of home modifications on the overall
               structure of the home. They are well suited for a major renovation that requires
               adjustments to foundations and roof lines or the moving of  load bearing walls to create
               open space areas.

               General Contractors are not required to be licensed in Texas, but are in many states. A
               good general contractor is a professional facilitator, which will provide a homeowner all
               the required services (one stop shopping) needed for a project of any size. That is because
               they are required for most renovation projects to apply for a building permit and required
               to meet compliance inspections by the local municipality. One of the requirements for most
               significant projects is to provide detail drawings with the application for the building
               permit. The greatest advantage to a homeowner for using a general contractor is that the
               GC  is fully responsible and accountable for both design and construction. This serves as a

               effective  solution to homeowners getting caught in the middle of disputes between
               uncooperative professional advisers or professionals determining who is responsible for
               design errors.

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