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                                    Seeking a Qualified  General Contractors

               If you have not hired an architect or designer to prepare the required documents (project
               blueprints & specifications), you will need to interview and request  a general contractor to
               provide you a detailed proposal of their scope of work, including inclusions and exclusions.
               Prepared with this information from several general contractors, you can carefully review
               these documents and prepare a thorough question and answer process to complete your
               hiring of a qualified GC.

               It's appropriate at this point for you to understand that this hiring process is a give and
               take process. A professional GC will be interviewing you at the same time you are
               interviewing them. This is a good practice that will result in both parties getting to know
               each other, while establishing a level of expectation and performance standards. It is also
               an successful method for establishing the basis of a trusting and efficient working
               relationship. I cannot  overstate the importance of this relationship development process. If
               you as a homeowner do not have a warm and trustful feeling that the GC does not have
               your best interest at heart, it does not matter how much money he can save you or how
               good he says his workers are. You are likely to regret ever entering into a legal relationship

               with them. Keep one important point in mind when hiring your GC.  Even a good contract
               will not fix a detrimental experience and poor workmanship with a GC that you are having
               issues with. A contract will only provide a remedy for the damages, not the loss of time of
               joy from your new home. Hire for character, quality and consciousness.

               There are many factors to weigh in making your decision regarding hiring a qualified
               General Contractor, such as insurance, time in business, cooperation and knowledge shared
               during the interviewing process. The willingness to work with your advisors, the day to day
               habits of housekeeping during the construction process and the overall friendliness and
               courtesy you can expect from his workforce. After all this is a service business that takes
               place in your home, around your family for sometimes a extended period of time. You may
               think at times that they are never going to finish their work and will be moving in with you.
               To this I promise you, a good GC is as motivated to complete a project as you are to have
               them finish.

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