Design Build Home Builders in Houston

11Apr 2017
Design Build Home Builders in Houston

So you are interested in fine homebuilding. You feel it’s time to take steps toward the ultimate personal statement and take your lifestyle to a new level. Luxury custom homes are considered by many to be the pinnacle of personal success. It is a romantic idea to design and construct a one of a kind luxury home. Just image your lifestyle in a spacious beautiful new home designed to your every wish. Selecting hand painted ceramics for the backsplash to polished stone from Europe for the inlaid floors. This can be a wonderful journey to embark on. But wait…. This is going to cost a lot of money and take a very long time…. You are correct on both accounts. The fine homebuilding process is a gantlet that can easily turn a dream into a nightmare if not traversed with a trusted companion that knows where all the hazards are placed.

Building luxury custom homes above all things is a very time consuming process for all concerned including the experienced home building owners. It can become overwhelming if not planned and organized with the owners time and schedule in mind. The custom home builders initial responsibility is to provide concierge services to their client. This begins with the development of real world and clearly defined expectations. Through this exchange both client and luxury builder determine a fit for a working relationship. The success of the owners fine homebuilding experience relies heavily on the strength of this relationship.

Design Build Home Builders

The design build home builders function in the design build process is to be the clients advocate throughout the design and construction process. Your custom home builders role is to provide honest and transparent information and disclosures to their clients. Their responsibility to the owner is to produce the best quality product designed to the owners wishes for the just amount promised to the client. The differentiating factors between custom home builders are the kinds of concierge services the design build home builders provides.

During the pre-design stage your custom home builders should be assisting the client in planning and organizing for the design phase. This includes reviewing the building site, the lot documents and discussing how your home elevation will blend with the homes surroundings. The fine homebuilding process requires a clear understanding of your current and future lifestyle. The procedure of capturing these lifestyle needs and documenting this information translates to a home’s conceptual floor plan and elevation perspective drawing. This is not always an efficient and productive process unless everyone has done their homework. Your luxury builders design team is required to facilitate the design process through question and answers and collecting your personal information for documentation.

Design Build Home Builders in Houston

Design Build Advantages

The traditional method of design-bid-build is what most owners are familiar with when it comes to the constructing of luxury custom homes. This is when the owner contracts directly with a home designer or architect to develop construction plans for their new luxury home. The owner then submits these plans to a short list of vetted custom home builders for bid to build. This method provides little incentive for the architect to reduce cost.

The design build method is fundamentally different in a number of ways. When the owner contracts with design build home builders, custom home builders become a significant member of the design team. The luxury builder is involved from the very beginning assisting with selecting the architect and the building site. The design build home builders become your trusted adviser through the entire fine homebuilding process.

When building one of a kind luxury custom homes, the architect often does not have a price estimate for an unique design feature requested by the owner. Although the home design that the architect creates may be incredible, the preconstruction budget provided by the owner cannot be budget validated until the plans are placed for bid. In most cases this leads to redesign being required. This results in more cost and additional time to the owners project.

The unique feature of the design build method is that your luxury builder will be developing the construction budget throughout the design process. If the home design budget elevates beyond an acceptable level, the luxury builder can flag it and the architect can redesign without a major cost or delay to the owner. Another major benefit of this approach is when the custom home builders and architect collaborate. The joint collaboration creates opportunities to value engineer the home plans during design in an effort find cost savings.

The value engineering task does not usually take place in a design-bid-build scenario. In the event that the finished building plans have errors or omissions, the owner is responsible for these additional change order cost in the design-bid-build scenario. Where as in the design build method, the custom home builders are responsible for these architectural mistakes. This alone will normally provide the owner a higher level of confidence in the construction budget.

Luxury custom homes owners are better served by the design build home construction method then the traditional design-bid-build method. The concierge service aspects of the design build method also provides the fine homebuilding client an experience fundamentally more user friendly than other contracting methods. If you are looking for a win – win relationship in your fine homebuilding experience, you are advised to hireĀ design build home builders.

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