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Marwood Construction’s goal is to provide our distinctive clients with a rewarding building contracting experience resulting in a superior quality and a uniquely crafted product. We aspire to achieve this meaningful purpose through providing exceptional stewardship of our clients’ confidence and by conducting our business with integrity as a trusted adviser. As a reputable general contractor offering residential contracting & commercial general contracting, we are committed to providing premium residential and commercial products through an exceptional service client experience as our highest priority.



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As one the premier prime contractors, our attention to detailed planning and quality practices establishes the benchmarks for our standards of performance. Our pledge to “best practices” and “responsive customer service” establishes the foundation that sets us apart from other general contractors.

We take a holistic approach in offering best-of-the class general contracting for our distinctive clients. When evaluating a Houston building contractor that you are considering working with, be mindful to look for a likeminded building contractor that shares your values.

Should you need to consult with building contractors regarding your general contracting Houston needs, we will guide you through the financial feasibility, design and plan development, new construction or renovation building contracting experience.

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Marwood Construction is a leading general contractor in Houston that specializes in providing high end new construction services and design to build renovation solutions in the Houston, Texas metro area.

Providing home contracting as one of Houston’s foremost luxury home building contractors and preeminent remodeling house contractors, we strive to bring our clients the most satisfying building experience we can facilitate. 

As a general contracting company, we also provide superior commercial contracting services in commercial remodeling and light new commercial erection.

 As building contractors we conduct business with integrity and offer our clients creditable advice, we earn their trust and confidence through delivering what we promise. 

We look forward to our clients comparing other construction contractors to the quality operational building contracting standards we hold ourselves to, regardless if your needs are for a house contractor or commercial general contractor.

Building Contractors in Houston

Construction Contractors Houston

As a trusted adviser, Marwood Construction wants to bring value to your home contracting and/or light commercial general contracting needs by providing design and construction contracting for our discerning clients.

Searching for a building contractor near me does not mean you will find the best general contractors Houston to fit your personal needs.

Although searching general contractors near me will aid you in selecting a list of Houston building contractors to fit your short list needs, although effective vetting requires further research. 

Understanding the relevant building contractors experience in construction method and means, organized financial systems, a professional manner in resolving conflicts and a focus on the integrity of the construction process and a genuineness to the quality of what you are building. 

A premium building contractor does not only offer general contractor services, but provides the project leadership to assist their clients with the project financial feasibility & guidance through the design & construction document creation and ultimately the general contracting near you.


Project Financial Feasibility

The total project building cost and financing method greatly matters to every client. There is always a need to understand the total building cost and project financing early in the design and building journey, but no more important time then early in the design stage.

The owner being aware if they are over building for their immediate location or their financial target and does the proposed air-conditioned space / under roof area fit their needs is essential to avoid unwanted expenses associated with late modifications.

Your Houston contractors should have a fairly good idea based on experience what type of structural elements and architectural styles contribute to the total project cost. 

For non-traditional complicated designs, general contractors may need some input from collaborating specific building trades, but has the means and methods to anticipate advancing cost. 

We offer these services for clients that have advanced building cost feasibility needs, trusted advice and guidance determining the feasibility of their project.

Construction Management

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Design Services

Houston House Contractors

The end goal of preparing design plans is for the creation of construction documents. With that in mind, it makes sense that during the design process the designer should realize the viability of actually building the structure.

By combing the designing of a building with the constructability in mind allows the construction contractor to collaborate with the design team for better desired results.

The design phase much like the construction contracting phase has many moving parts requiring a focused commitment to the authenticity of the design and the lifestyle goals of the client.

As your trusted advisor your residential contractor should point out, it is important that the client understands the design process and their personal goals substantially contribute effectively to creating the best balance of functional and aesthetic design.

Having your design plan balanced with both function of the floor plan elements and the architectural aesthetics of artfully crafted architectural design will provide years of service and pleasure.

For those clients that are in need of specialized guidance in their building contracting design from a trusted professional adviser and premium construction contractor, you do not need to look any further then Marwood Construction.




General Contracting

Regardless if you are just beginning your project feasibility or are prepared to commence your construction contracting, we have the resources and trusted advise for home contracting your luxury home, design build home renovation experience or light commercial erection project more enriching and rewarding. We strive to reduce your stress and frustration that happens commonly with typical contractor companies in Houston.

As we make every effort to keep our clients aware of their required product selections and finish detail decisions needed for a timely delivery, we are also aware that our clients have lives while their construction is going on. Conducting weekly updates and milestone job site walkthroughs are routine tasks associated with Marwood Construction’s construction progress.

Although the State of Texas does not require general contractors to be licensed, professional building contractors will have many years of direct experience and be active in continuing education. Marwood Construction’s principle is a certified licensed general contractor in the State of Florida.

We offer the following construction contracting as Houston building contractor services;

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    Offering Unique Home Design Complimented by Unparalleled Luxury Home Craftsmanship for Your Prosperous Lifestyle

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    Creating Sumptuous Surroundings through Quality Luxury Home Remodeling for Your Lasting Pleasure and Satisfaction

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    Providing Excellence in Fine Home Construction Management & Project Management Leadership for Unique and Distinctive Home Construction & Home Remodeling Projects

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    Expanding the Envelope of Premium Homes Through Timeless Home Additions and Seamless Architectural Continuity for Your Homes Increasing Value

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    Luxury Home Gourmet Kitchen Remodeling and Master Chef Kitchen Renovation to Satisfy Your Family and Friends Appetites

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    Developing Resort Like Elegant Bathroom Remodeling and Spa Inspired Bathroom Renovation for Your Personal Oasis

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    Developing Stately Design Build Solutions for Discriminating Clients Luxury Home Building and Home Renovation Project Needs

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    The Historical Restoration of Past Architectural Splendor and Preserving the Grandeur of Yesteryears Monumental Landmarks

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    Providing Unsurpassed Superior Workmanship and Premium Materials when Quality Matters the Most

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