Design Process Integrated with Construction Process in Houston

Construction Delivery Methods & FAQ

Contracting Process

Remodeling Process – Questions to ask Contractor

The remodeling process is a complex procedure that has many moving parts from concept through completion. We provide an in-depth detailed home renovation process for owners in preparing and planning for any house remodeling project.

It is a comprehensive question and answer page for homeowners preparing to understand the home remodeling steps required to execute projects such as kitchen remodeling or full home remodel. In most cases such projects of this magnitude require the hiring of professional designers and remodeling contractors.

These questions and answers cover preparing for design, construction cost budgeting, scheduling and the actual construction improvements. Our narration covers the entire home remodel steps process from A to Z for this topic including how to prepare yourself and family for this journey. This is a must read if you are considering hiring a contractor for your home remodeling project.

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Custom Home Building Process

Custom Home Building Process – Questions to ask a Builder

The custom home building process requires a substantial amount of time for planning and preparing before beginning construction. The design and construction process often starts years before you can actually move into your custom house. Our questions to ask a builder will provide you resources to feel comfortable in your selection of a custom home building contractor.

The selection of a small list of luxury home builders and architects as the advisers for your design team is a required method to efficiently achieve your home building goals. This custom building process guide to custom homes offers readers the inside detailed story of the custom house design and construction process.

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Design Process in Houston

Project Management Houston – Project Management Process

Project Management

Marwood Construction offers project management and construction management consultant services that functions as the quarterback during the new construction Houston and major house renovations for special clients. We operate as the catalyst in the team building process between the architect, engineer, decorator, site supervision and the owner.

This service discipline is more of a trusted advisor role, then the typical general contractor bid award / negotiation operating model. Our new construction Houston services support owner builders who are building distinctively unique and challenging homes requiring an additional layer of quality assurance and/or as a cost control advocate.

We also provide our services to architectural firms outsourcing the onsite quality assurance and cost controls for specialty home construction projects. Project managers typically act as the project business agent for the owner building new construction Houston.

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New Home Construction Process in Houston

Construction Management Houston – Construction Contracts

Construction Management

Marwood Construction provides construction management services to our deserving clients with flexible contract options so that they can reasonably match their new construction project service fees with their personal risk aversion.

In addition, we discuss alternative construction contract agreements structures that differ fundamentally in the amount of risk the client is willing to accept associated with the construction fees they are willing to pay for building their new house. The greater number of unknowns associated with the construction of a luxury home, the greater amount of risk that is associated with the project.

Therefore, the greater amount of risk associated with the project, the larger amount of contingency will be required by the builder in the pricing mechanism to absorb these unknown factors.

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Design Build Process

Design Build Process – Design Build Contractors

Design Build Contractors

The custom home building process is a procedure for the new construction of the custom home building process and major remodeling projects. This project delivery approach is a collaborating effort between the general contractor, architect and any designers. This custom home building process provides the procedures for designing and building a house or remodeling a home.

The design build process provides the owner more control throughout the design process over the actual design and cost associated with that design to build their new luxury home. Other benefits are reducing the overall time, design cost and pointless need to redesign your project when you finally realize that your home will cost differently than you had planned.

Using our design build process guide will provide you the insights to avoid missteps in your new home construction and house remodeling journey.

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Renovation Process

Home Renovation Process – Renovation Contractor

Home Renovation Contractors

The home renovation process and resources for your renovation project provides a collaborating effort between the renovation contractor, architect and any interior designers appointed to renovate the client’s home.

By following the house renovation process guide and additional resources, you will discover the distinctive difference in the design to build method and the traditional bid to build method. The primary difference is that the renovation contractor is the responsible party for delivering the completed project to meet the project budgeted amount.

The home renovation process will discuss other advantages such as; saving the owner time and money by them not being required to redesign renovation projects that were designed outside the budget initially.

The house renovation resources advocates using the design build construction method because it provides the owner a greater amount of control over the actual design and building cost associated with this process.

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Commercial Construction Process in Houston

Commercial Construction Process Guide – Commercial Construction Contractors

Commercial Construction Services

The commercial construction process guide offers the commercial construction steps from A to Z. From conceptual design through turn key delivery of a new commercial building and commercial remodeling, our commercial construction guide will provide the sequential process from selecting your commercial contractor through completing your property.

As Houston commercial construction contractors, we utilize the design build delivery method, providing more control for the owner, shorter time line from design to delivery and commercial construction contractors accountability for design and construction.

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