Commercial Construction Houston – A Definitive Guide

Learn about our comprehensive guide for commercial construction and contractors for renovations and new construction.

Commercial construction represents the construction services industry for facilitating building improvements of commercially used real property. Examples of commercially used properties would be; multi-family apartments, office buildings, medical offices, retail spaces, strip centers, restaurants and such.

Marwood Construction is a boutique commercial construction company providing commercial contracting in Houston. Our commercial contracting services include commercial renovation / remodeling, tenant build out and new commercial construction, as well as design build services in the metro Houston area.

Marwood Construction’s reputation as full-service Houston commercial construction contractors providing craftsmanship and quality extends to the high-end remodeling and new building contracting.

As commercial contractors we operate as both commercial builders in new construction and as commercial remodelers. We provide both design build services for those who want to maintain design and budget control and/or competitive bid to build services for those with plans and construction documents.


Process details for all types of commercial construction, commercial remodeling and commercial contractors


Commercial Contractors Houston – Services

Commercial Contracting – Tenant Build Out

As one of our construction services we offer as commercial general contractors is tenant build outs. We contract with both owners and tenants to build out spaces to the plan specifications.

In the case of the most common build outs, everything in the building shell is either first generation or second-generation construction. We are required to pull electrical service runs from switch rooms and install waste lines for plumbing outlets, while balancing and testing the mechanical systems for first generation.

The second-generation tenant build out are normally a little bit less expensive, but often require much more retrofitting depending on the needs and use of the next tenant. 

We offer the design services to those clients that do not have building permit documents. When interior design is not always available, we can provide the necessary drawings to develop a scope of work. These include shop drawing for special casework, electrical lighting and floor designs.

From our design and planning to our seasoned tradesmen, Marwood Construction will provide you with the desired results and a better contracting customer experience.

Commercial Contractors Houston –  Commercial Remodelers

Marwood Construction provides the leadership and experienced construction management skills to facilitate the complete design phase package through the contracting for tenant build out delivery. As commercial remodelers Houston, we offer design to build and bid to build construction delivery methods.

As a design build contractors Houston, we excel in challenging circumstances when a business must continue to operate while undergoing a needed commercial remodeling. We will plan and implement the required provisions to minimize the interruptions and inconveniences associated with remodeling your business and building expansion.

One of our most important roles as a commercial remodeler is creating a commercial remodel execution plan that will avoid interrupting our client’s business operations. This means scheduling temporary relocation in an owner’s business operations and in the case of renters, minimizing their relocation avoiding loss of rents.

Our design build program will assist you in developing your future needs and provide you the guidance for maintaining your financial budget as your commercial remodeler.

Our design build program also provides the client with total control over design, construction cost and the quality level of the finishes required. As your commercial remodelers, we are working with you for the betterment of the project.

A successful commercial remodeling project is in the details of the execution. Understanding that most building remodeling and build outs are time sensitive, Marwood Construction prepares for these challenges well in advance by ordering long lead item and taking delivery of critical materials and products before the remodel schedule requires.

The need to avoid loss business operations time or tenant revenue from the poor management of a remodel is extremely important to our clients. As your commercial remodeler, we want to work with you during preconstruction to create a workable plan to mitigate these unwanted losses.

Commercial Remodeling Contractors

High Rise Condo Remodel

Marwood Construction is committed to the safety of our employees, our clients’ needs and the surrounding environment that work in. We have the capabilities of operating as a self-performing commercial contractor and as a conventional Houston commercial builder. The project scope of work dictates the required needs of various workforces for each client and project.

We will often combine the two workforces to accommodate our client’s needs. This affords us more control over quality and the critical schedule events for tight turn around office build outs and commercial renovations. This is not our preferred method of executing a commercial remodel, although we will use the optimum performance solution in the best interest of our client.

Our work plan will align with our clients as the owner/tenant and their ongoing business activities. Marwood Construction is respectful of the building managers restrictions for commercial renovation services and cooperative in accomplishing our task.

We sustain the best practices for contracting housekeeping by using dust suppression and manage noise through off schedule practices. We routinely fabricate off site to decrease schedule time and use off time scheduling when using processes that produce odors or extreme methods that could inconvenience other surrounding professionals.

We are committed to meeting the mutually agreed expectations for your commercial remodeling project. By purchasing reliable products and requiring higher standards for tradesmen, we deliver a finished product that will last the test of time.

It is with these best practices in the industry that distinctively qualifies us and sets us apart from our competition. If you are in need of a commercial remodeler, we would like to discuss how we could bring value to your commercial remodel project.

The following information and resources are provided to building property owners to assist them as a guide through the steps of commercial remodeling & renovations and build-outs. We are providing the following information content index for each of type of commercial construction. You will find supplemental topic links for a greater depth of relevant information.

Commercial Remodeling & Commercial Renovation Resources

New Commercial Construction – Commercial Builders Houston

There are a number of differences in commercial construction companies from residential construction. The means and methods of commercial contracting are principally different in the creation of the structures. Most of the commercial building structures are built of concrete, block and steel with flat roofs.

The main building codes differences are the life safety requirements for fire protection and the requirements for ADA accessibility. There are many more actual differences but vary substantially between the different types of building use.

As commercial builders we offer new commercial construction / commercial ground up construction needs. We focus on light building structures such as smaller free-standing buildings 1 to 3 story, higher end apartment complexes and professional office buildings.

We offer metal, concrete, steel and wood structure shells to address our client’s investment budgets. As Houston commercial contractors we operate as a prime contractor with disciplines in facilitating the design phase, building permit document phase and the construction phase for selected projects.

Commercial builders provide the owner with project leadership and trusted advise through both the design and construction process. New commercial contracting dictates that the commercial contractor has both these professional skills to be effective executing projects.

During the building design phase we assist our client in developing the design parameters and required preliminary needs to qualify performance and financial expectations. The tasks associated with this phase is preparing financial feasibility, developing parking capacity, creating the structures footprint and fitting it to a site plan.

After general feasibility has been determined your commercial builder will select a design team consisting of professionals that the project requires such as the architect, engineers, interior designer for commercial contracting.

The design phase consists of a preliminary phase of blocking out the floor plan and moves progressively into the plan completion phase resulting in a complete set of construction documents. The engineering phase is the last step in the design phase and becomes the working documents throughout the permitting and building phases.

Once governmental approval is received your Houston commercial contractor will begin the civil site work in preparation of commencing building the structure. These items are such items as clearing the property, creating the building pad, installing utility undergrounds, drainage structures and preparing the subbase for driveways and packing locations. Preparing the site first allows the project better assessable due to less weather effected restrictions.

The construction phase is a further interactive process with the commercial builder maintaining open communication and structured walkthroughs at different progress milestones. The need is to keep the owner informed of the building progress and allow them the opportunity to visualize other factors that were not anticipated during design.

Other important interactions are finalizing exterior product/color selections, interior product/color selections and verifying personal preferences for built-in elements.

There are a number of significant factors that separate commercial construction from residential construction. The two principle building codes differences are NFPA life safety requirements and ADA disability requirements. These are required because commercial buildings allow for public access. 

The means and methods of commercial construction contracting are principally different in the creation of the structures. Most of the commercial building structures are built of concrete, block and steel with flat roofs.

There are many more actual differences but vary substantially between the different types of building use.

National Fire Protection Act is a national code that imposes layers of code requirements based on many occupancy factors such a building size, occupancy use, egress fire protection envelope, local fire codes and number of building levels.

The NFPA is a complex set of building codes that has an impact on the choose of building materials selected and nearly every skilled trade.

The ADA only applies to commercial construction. This is one of the reasons that multi-family construction is classified as commercial for permitting. The ADA codes are enforced by a special division of the State of Texas.

They address the available accessibility of buildings, bathrooms and public areas for disabled people. They have an impact on both designing and the construction on public invited spaces.

As described, there are many moving parts to facilitating the pre-construction, the design and construction of new buildings, This Houston commercial builder is solely accountable to the owner from design through completion.

This allows the owner to focus on preparing to occupy the finished building and commence their business opening. Commercial builders in Houston are a great resource for preparing and executing a remodel or new construction projects.

New Commercial Construction





This commercial construction guide and resources are provided to owners for the purpose of assisting them in understanding the commercial construction contracting procedures and better navigate the complexities associated with orchestrating their project needs.

These resources also represent how Marwood Construction wants to approach your building project. Offering sound and trusted advise while developing well defined performance expectations. We believe this proactive method of trying to over communicate with our clients is what sets us apart from other commercial construction companies.

As one of Houston’s select reputable commercial builders offering commercial construction contracting, we facilitate best practices in light Houston commercial construction. Our goal is to inform our property owners about the building and renovation process to create a more effective collaborating approach at serving their needs.

From the design process through the completion of construction, we strive to keep our clients informed and involved with making product selections and reviewing critical building process milestones.

This collaborating commercial contracting approach at both the design and improvements allow the property owner to remain in control and place their personal touches throughout the entire procedure.

With more than 40+ years of experience, we have the knowledge, resources and solutions for your building challenges. If they be commercial renovation concerns due to not interrupting an ongoing business or an overcrowding issue from your growing enterprise, we have the solutions to assist you with feasible results.

Marwood Construction wants to be a valuable partner to the property owner’s building needs.