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Marwood Construction is a premier general contractor offering full-service construction contracting as residential contractors and commercial general contractors in the Houston metro area. We provide general contracting building services as one of the foremost luxury Houston home builders and new home construction builders. 

As licensed and certified general contractors, Marwood Construction’s expertise is facilitating design and construction of one-of-a-kind luxury homes, residential remodeling, commercial remodeling, new commercial construction services.

As master builders and one of the most experienced high end construction service providers, we hold ourselves to a higher standard as a trusted adviser to our clients for new construction and remodeling carrying out our role as a certified building contractor.

In today’s complex business environment, professional builders and remodelers should provide their clients with trusted advice and impartial guidance. This is accomplished by your building contractor having open discussions about the detailed building process methods of design compliance, construction inspections, and in-depth conversation about personal and professional expectations for construction.

These are not just contracting services, but rather necessary professional responsibilities to be shared with the client. New construction and remodeling also require Houston builders to offer their clients construction budget advice and recommendations early in the design phase to avoid both delays and unwanted surprise expenses.

Marwood Construction strives to maintain transparency with their clients concerning scope of work matters, construction cost, product selection allowances and construction specification standards.

As a professional master builder in Houston, we will discuss the various methods of construction contracts or personal service fees with our clients. Marwood Construction offers our customers an al carte approach when choosing construction service agreements.

This is determined by listening carefully to our clients’ grand vision and personal objectives for each Houston construction project. We strive to balance the proper risk factors to help our clients meet their financial goals, while extending uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service.

Our firm understands that each client is unique and they should have the opportunity to tailor their building services to their financial & design goals.

Houston building construction has a number of full-service delivery methods that Marwood Construction offers their clients. We take pride in facilitating the development of an effective design and building team for your construction needs.

As premier builders employing the collaborating team approach for the design and construction phases encompasses employing a team management style involving the designers, decorators, owners, subcontractors and the builder/remodeler with a sense of mission.

Our clients have come to expect well balanced professional knowledge, with advanced skills in process management, highly regarded customer service, excellence in operations management and responsible construction building results.


Cultured Stone Oven Wood Beam Ceiling Kitchen

Patrick Martin is our firm’s principle and Master Builder with more than 40+ years of diverse and challenging design and building service experience. Mr. Martin is directly accountable for building more than 1,000 single family homes with an estimated value of $330 million.

During this period, he has also provided executive construction management leadership for more than $500 million in total construction projects in his career.

In the past 40+ years our principal has learned his craft while serving clients of some of the finest production home builders, custom home builders and general contractors in Houston and South Florida.

As a construction executive he maintained leadership roles with national homebuilding giants, Ryland Homes and Arthur Rutenburg Homes.

Ryland Homes was then one of a few major production Houston home builders in the late 70’s and introduced Mr. Martin the home construction management systems like scheduling, cost control and subcontractor management.

While at ARH in South Florida and other notable luxury estate home builders, Mr. Martin learned the art of craftsmanship and advanced techniques in new construction as both custom home builders and commercial builders in Florida.

It was during this period that he prepared and passed the Florida Certified General Contractors Licensing exam. To obtain a Certified General Contract License in Florida, an applicant must prove both professional experience and pass a 2-day, 12-hour State administered exam, with a passing rate of less than 24%.

As a general contractor, Mr. Martin has also built stately luxury homes, midrise office buildings and planned & developed the creation of several community land development projects.

During his tenure as a practicing general contractor, his teams have also orchestrated some of the most complex structural engineered repairs ever attempted in the Houston area petro-chemical industry repairing mass structural concrete structures.



Luxury Kitchen

Marwood Construction is a boutique general contractor that specializes in luxury custom home building, design build remodeling solutions and light commercial construction in the Houston metro area. Our clients service experience is the most important element in the home building and home improvement process.

Our Master Builder is a Licensed & Certified Florida General Contractor with more than 40+ years of construction management and direct field experience. This direct hands-on approach is what personalizes the building experience for our customers. Also, as the principle of Marwood Construction, he is intimately involved in the details of every project that we execute.

As a rule, most local area custom home builders and remodeling contractors use many of the same subcontractors and material suppliers. If asked, they all tell you the difference between them and their competitors is quality and craftsmanship.

That begs the question, if we are all using the same group of craftsmen and suppliers why are there such discrepancies in the service and results between general contractors?

So, what then differentiates custom builders and home renovation general contractors?


  • Business Integrity and Professional Reputation
  • The Client Design and Building Service Experience
  • Direct Experience in Home Building Styles and Construction Methods
  • On Site Supervision and Construction Quality Control Standards
  • Process Systems and Organization
  • The Service Warranty and the Customer Service Experience


  • Marwood Construction Operates with the Highest Level of Transparency and Integrity in the Houston Home Construction Industry
  • We Provide Concierge Design & Built Construction Services
  • Builder’s Hands on Personalized Attention through all Phases of Designing and Building your Luxury Custom One-of-a-Kind Home
  • We Offer Flexible Client Service Contract Options to Fit Your Risk Tolerance
  • Marwood Construction has more than 40 years of Diverse Home Building Structural Types, Styles and Techniques of Construction Methods such as;
    • Concrete Block & Tie Beam
    • Engineered Trusses & Prefabricated Panelized
    • Piling & Pier & Post Tension Foundations
    • Stem Wall, Monolithic, Pier & Beam and Engineered Mat Foundations
    • Prefabricated Steel Erection
    • Structural Steel Structures
    • Form & Poured Concrete Floors & Stairs
    • Form & Pour Concrete Exterior Walls & Retaining Walls
    • Heavy Gauge & Light Gauge Metal Framing
    • Conventional Engineered Wall & Roof Framing


  • Construction operates with the Highest Level of Transparency and Integrity in the Houston Home Construction Industry.
  • We Offer Concierge Design Build Renovation Solutions to Meet Clients Needs
  • By Providing Home & Market Valuation Analysis of the Proposed Home Improvements Impact on the Future Value of your Home
  • We Conduct Business with our Clients as a Trusted Adviser
  • Marwood Construction Designs and Builds for the Long-Term Value of our Clients Homes at the Optimum Relevant Cost
  • We are Focused on Seamless Transitional Design in all Partial Renovations

Marwood Construction Education,
Training and Accreditations

  • Certified & Florida Licensed General Contractor CGC045381
  • NAHB – Graduate Master Builder
  • NAHB – Certified Aging in Place Specialist
  • 40+ Years Construction Management Experience
  • Safety Certified
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Leading Luxury Builders - Marwood Construction
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Home Construction Companies that offer full service design and construction services in Houston

Houston Construction Company that is a Home Construction Company and Remodeling Company

Offering Uniquely Designed New Build Homes by Unparalleled Home Construction Company – Marwood Construction

The construction process begins with the design of the building property regardless if that be new construction or remodeling.  Marwood Construction has the capabilities of facilitating either the design to build plan development or preparing a formal proposal for the owner’s design to bid plans.

Irrespective of which construction delivery method our clients select, we have the capabilities of providing the owners with the trusted advice for the guidance and consultation necessary for creating unique cost-effective building designs.

Our professional building design and residential construction team is committed to vigilantly advising our distinguishing clients on building solutions for their uniquely designed custom houses and commercial properties.

Our goal for your uniquely designed new build homes is in employing a collaborating team approach to provide you our best effort in planning, budgeting, scheduling, and execution from a reliable home construction company.

We undertake the residential construction management of your resources and the role of trusted advisor with great responsibility and humility. It is due to this fiduciary responsibility that we take great care in facilitating your construction needs by developing the best possible fit with each design team member to assure the greatest customer experience available during your residential construction journey.

The preconstruction process ultimately leads to us preparing a construction cost proposal for the home design improvements and the required value engineering discussions that can follow if the cost is not in line with the financial resources.

Home Construction Companies offering High End Services Our Houston construction company creed “Excellence That Lasts a Lifetime” is not only our company slogan, it is our philosophical commitment to our clients from an exceptional Houston construction company near you that they entrust us with their construction services.

Unique building construction requires a much different level of attention than what other Houston construction companies provide.

This certainly is the case with the new production-built homes offered by the big builders in Houston. Our service and process of delivering new build homes is much different then home construction companies that build semi-custom homes or production homes.

Houston construction companies that provide luxury home building traditionally offer either a building solution of design to build or a bid to build construction contract delivery method.

Bid to design construction companies obtain construction documents from the owner to prepare a formal bid. Whereas with the design to build construction companies, the companies that build houses would facilitate both design and construction.

This full-service approach is used exclusively by a general contracting company that specializes in high end house construction. The list of services may also include interior design and decorating services.

If you are interested in understanding more about the services of construction companies, we invite you to learn more about how we deliver custom houses from one of the superior home construction companies to our clients through our accredited residential construction services.

New Home Construction Companies Providing the Finest in Lifestyle Living

Construction Residential Home Construction Company

New Home Construction Company That Delivers Craftsmanship Reflecting Your Prosperous Lifestyle – Marwood Construction

The delivery of new home construction is both challenging and rewarding for the owner. Distinctly designed houses require a great amount of the owners and the home building companies time before and during construction.

Highly crafted house building requires a collaborative relationship between the builder and owner with a decidedly open transparent relationship to discuss finish details and quality issues.

This relationship translates into the house building companies maintaining a tighter level of supervision over the specifications and quality of the craftsmanship.

Developing sample mock ups of exterior elements like roof / brick / stone combination for approval prior to installing. It is also common to create mock ups for interior millwork assembles like wall paneling and crown mold systems.

This level of quality and service is essential to avoid misunderstandings and the natural gaps that develop between plans and specifications. The communication between owner and builder and then again between builder and subcontractor trades remains as tight and consistent as possible.

The service requirements for high end home construction companies are what truly separates these building firms from each other. These firms are generally more expensive due to the excellent level of customer service.

These services can also be integrated into hiring a construction manager company that offers the construction management services to owners instead of the traditional home building company.

The primary difference between the construction management approach and hiring a general contracting company is that the CM has less financial risk with the actual construction of the project.

Construction management is the expert administration and management of all project activities on behalf of the owner.

High End Remodeling Companies Providing Quality Construction

Remodeling Construction Company

Remodeling Construction Companies Creating Sumptuous Surroundings through Fine Craftsmanship Construction Services for Your Pleasure and Satisfaction – Marwood Construction

Marwood Construction is a Licensed Certified General Contractor that provides full-service ground up residential construction and remodeling construction services. We specialize in offering luxury building solutions for challenging projects that do not have simple answers.

Developing design building solutions for existing houses is far more challenging than developing design for new house construction.

That is why you want to align yourself with a Houston construction company that has the capabilities of solving both design and construction issues. A construction contractor that has the ability of implementing cost effective and meaningful design and construction service solutions.

The art of remodeling construction requires the careful blending of product updating and spacious planning, with the existing surroundings to create a seamless transition between the old and new space.

Residential construction and remodeling construction services can create many unexpected surprises and challenges in many forms. We have adopted a very specific approach as a remodel company qualifying the feasibility of our clients’ visionary ideas.

Design Build Company Offers the Unique Opportunity for Full Design and Construction Services By implementing the conceptual design through a collaborating effort, that results in both time and design cost savings for our client. This involves the meticulous evaluation of our clients existing home plan with the clients’ expectations to determine their best interest.

As a premium construction company, we have also discovered a key benefit that emerges through our collaborative approach for both Marwood Construction and our clients. By working through the challenges of designing a unique space for our clients we experience a real time assessment in determining if we are a good fit working together

We realize this opportunity is an uncommon practice with the home remodeling companies contracting industry and provides great benefit to both parties avoiding undesired consequences during residential constructions.


Houston construction company offering home construction contracting

Construction Companies

Commercial Construction Company

Commercial Constructions Companies Offering Superior Value and Uncompromising Quality Through Construction Contracting – Marwood Construction

Although the commercial construction company process typically follows the same basic procedural steps, the operating procedures will vary according to the commercial construction contract service agreement the client selects to fit their needs.

Commercial constructions contracting usually involves a higher sense of completion urgency due to the interruption of business revenue cause by construction contracts. Commercial construction contractors are required to prepare proposals and schedule items that our judicious clients evaluate during their buying experience based on quality, service and value.


Commercial Construction Company Although quality and service can be more easily qualified, value becomes a function of perception. In the case of building a time sensitive project or a major property renovation project our clients want alternatives to the conventional construction methods of yester year.

Marwood Construction understands that each of our clients do not have the same needs or accept the same risk factors. This is why we offer alternative commercial construction contract service agreements for their consideration.

Our clients can determine the proper amount of risk they are willing to accept based upon the different cost associated with the various construction contract agreements. For instance, the cost of a fixed lump sum price will be more than a price of a cost-plus contract.

To learn more about the different construction contract agreement terms:


Residential Construction & Commercial Construction Contractors

Unique Home Construction Company Houston


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Quality Remodeling Construction Company Houston


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  • Kitchen Remodeling


    Producing the best in chief styled and family friendly kitchen remodeling to enrich your daily life.

  • Bathroom Remodeling


    Creating a memorable spa like oasis to rejuvenate your spirit with a bathroom remodeling project.


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    Repurposing a seldom used space or creating new home additions to bring more value to your family’s lifestyle.

Commercial Construction Company


  • Commercial Remodeling


    Featuring word-class light commercial construction company for building services.

  • Historical Restoration


    If your treasured building requires authentic preservation or historical renovation, we have a design build solution for you.

  • Commercial Remodeling


    Specializing in high end tenant space creation and the commercial renovation of high valued business purpose ambiance.

Master Builder Services
Houston Luxury Home Builders

Custom Home Builders

As one of a few outstanding luxury Houston home builders, we offer our clients a personal services agreement and full service general contracting services required to meet their design and house building contractor needs.We accommodate our clients by offering both “Bid to Build” & “Design Build” and project management services. We can assist our clients in either selecting a lot or performing our services on an existing piece of property.

We also offer a variety of different legal contract methods to meet our clients risk tolerance. These include higher risk fixed price contracts, medium risk acceptance contract agreements like design build contracts or lower risk acceptance contract agreements such as cost-plus contracts.

For our clients that require special service’s needs, we offer project management and construction management agreements.

Full-Service Houston Renovation Contractor

Home Additions in HoustonMarwood Construction is an exceptionally qualified Houston renovation contractor for distinctive clients demanding seamless continuity in Houston remodeling and renovation needs. As a leader in Houston remodeling, we offer our clients the same great accommodations of either “Bid to Build” or “Design Build” services.

Our renovation service approach ultimately supports our clients’ desires to be an active or passively engage participation in the construction renovation process. The full-service approach can facilitate the “independent active client” who wishes to participate in energetically selecting colors and product selections autonomously.

The full-service approach will also accommodate the “represented active client” that would prefer the needs of creating a full-service design to build team consisting of home designer, decorator, landscape architect and remodeling contractors.

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Design Build Houston Home Builder Services

Design Build Home BuildingMarwood Construction is a high-end house building contractor that has a reputation for constructing architecturally unique homes. As premier builders, we offer our accomplished clients the services of both building design and new construction.

For owners looking for a uniquely designed and constructed house, we can satisfactorily provide solutions to their challenges as their design to build construction expert.

Building with our stewardship and professional accountability, we reduce our clients risks of financial surprises developing from design errors or budget overruns experienced during “Bid to Build” programs.

Our new home construction design build services make the design and construction procedure much less stressful and aggravating so our valued clients can enjoy their home building experience.

This is achieved by controlling cost, completing the home building within mutual expectations and providing our client more control over the entire design and building process.

When building a house, an owner’s interest is best served with premier builders that are a good fit with them personally, professionally is available and accountable and is a master builder at heart.


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    Providing exceptional supervision and superior customer service to your design and home building experience.

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  • Houston General Contractors


    Offering the best in commercial remodeling and commercial construction for your business location needs.

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