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Home Addition Contractors Houston for a New House Addition

We are Houston home additions contractors that specializes in providing seamless room additions and second story additions to fit your overcrowding and dysfunctional space problems.

Both home additions and specialty second story addition solutions require a great deal of study and planning before undertaking such a project. House additions are a great renovation solution for space problems or dysfunctional floor plans.

Marwood Construction as home addition contractors offers design build Houston room additions for their valued clients lifestyle challenges. We promise to listen to your needs, discuss your budget, evaluate your homes options and explore with you the feasible possibilities. Depending on the selected project scope we will work with you to advance your design from hand sketches to permit ready construction plans. Once we have completed the details of your building plans, we can reliably finalize your renovation magnitude of cost.

Some of the reasons you might need a house addition service Houston;

Best Houston Home Additions - Marwood Construction

  • New Master Bedroom Suite
  • Multi-generational Living Area
  • Family Room
  • Game Room
  • Media Room
  • Home Gym
  • Visitor Quarters
  • Garage Expansion
  • Second Floor Addition
  • Additional Bedrooms
  • Kitchen / Bath Expansion

Best Contractors for Home Additions - Marwood Construction

Every homeowner goes through huge family changes during different periods of their life. The typical answer to space issues with a house is to buy a new house rather than creating a home addition. Although this is not always possible for instance; families with children find it difficult to move locally and disrupt their children’s life by changing schools.

This can also apply to aging seniors who have been in their homes for many years and find it undesirable to move their locations due to immediate family nearby or their familiarity of the immediate neighborhood they live in. Contractors for home additions are a great resource for discussing alternative options.

So instead of seeking a new home, they identify their lifestyle needs and begin to reimage different space needs with a house addition. This often leads to a room addition and/or undertaking a major renovation to the existing house. We recommend speaking with a Houston home additions contractor to discuss the feasibility of your project.



There are many benefits for homeowners to consider expanding the envelope of their existing house. The most significant benefit of a Houston room addition to their existing house is that it is simply one of the best and cost-effective financial alternatives to a space problem with your house. Building house addition becomes extremely attractive alternative when compared to buying a new house.

Especially when you take into account the expenses associated with the transaction cost. When you add up the cost of commissions, closing cost and moving expenses associated with buying a new house, the cost of a house for renovation a house addition Houston becomes an attractive solution. This is when it is smart to discuss the structural feasibility and estimated costs with contractors for home additions.

The second most significant benefit to the homeowner is that you can design nearly anything you desire. After you have carefully considered your changing lifestyle needs, it is helpful to discuss your options with a design build remodeling professional. We will listen to your needs and review any documents or ideas that you present in an effort to explore the possible options available.

Home Addition Contractors

Best Home Addition Contractors - Marwood Construction

Once you discover your feasible options you should consider contracting with a room addition contractor to design your desired improvements to determine if they will fit your expected future needs. When you hire one of the home addition contractors, the expert will be able to design your house addition and improvements within your target budget.

When it comes to adding a second story addition to your house the project becomes much more complicated. There are far more factors to consider when planning a second story addition, such as the family being required to relocate during construction.

Also, the houses existing foundation and framing play a major role in the structural integrity on the second story addition. In many cases the existing foundation and framing are required to be supplemented with additional supports, such as foundation piers and framing post and beams.

This type of project requires both a home addition contractor and a structural engineer to develop the building plans. Professional seasoned contractors for home additions can assist you in identifying these structural elements that can influence the feasibility of a home addition.

Cost for Home Addition

One of the important matters in weighing alternative considerations is understanding the inherent value loss in the selling and buying transaction process. When you add square footage to your house you increase the value while preserving the capital appreciation in value accumulated over the years.

When you sell your existing house and buy another house in a nearby neighborhood, the increased value appreciation from your existing house is lost in the transaction.

You do not actually loss the cash value during the transaction, but rather your capital appreciation is offset by the sales price of the house you are buying. A portion of the sales price of the house you are buying reflects the capital appreciation that the seller has accumulated.

Hence your capital appreciation from your sales price is negated by the seller’s capital appreciation realized.

Depending on what area of Houston you live, the house and land prices have traditionally increased by 3% – 6% annually. Based upon a modest home value in metro Houston of $700,000 over a period of 5 years would represent $175,000 in value appreciation at 5%. You can verify your market appraisal by visiting HCAD.org.

If you use the average value of $1,300,000 for higher end neighborhoods over the same period at 5% annually, the appreciation would be $325,000 in a 5-year period. In both these cases over a short period of time, the value appreciation by itself would more the pay for your room addition or major renovation to your existing house.

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Another important, but often overlooked matter in a sell / buy scenario is the actual house addition cost associated with transaction cost. The transaction cost is represented by sales commissions on your sold property, closing cost on both sides of the transaction and your moving cost.

Let’s look at both of our previous scenarios (commissions 6%, closing cost 1.5%, moving cost .5%). In the case of the $700,000 sell/buy scenario, your total transaction cost would likely be approximately $56,000.

Total potential value transfer loss of $231,000 = ($56,000 + $175,000). In the case of the $1,300,000 sell/buy scenario, your total would represent approximately $104,000. Total potential value transfer loss of $429,000 = ($104,000 + $325,000). It is worth mentioning that these costs do not take in consideration the expenses associated with making the personal improvements to the house you are purchasing.

One final benefit worth your attention if you are approaching the senior age group. For those homeowners whose house represents their homestead in Houston and are over the age of 65, they will receive additional benefits in favorable property tax treatment.

There are additional tax benefits from the cap on your homes taxable value and additional homestead exemptions that seniors benefit from. This gets even better when you consider you can also increase the value of your existing homes square footage while enjoying the valuation cap after improvement cost adjustments.

Home additions can have a huge impact on space and lifestyle. The most important factor in planning the room addition in Houston is creating a seamless space between the new and the old space. This is not only architecturally important but if poorly done can negatively affect the value of your home.

This adds to the importance of properly planning your new space and clearly visualizing the details before you commence with improvements. The benefits of our 3D drawings are very useful in visualizing furniture and fixture appointments as well as color and contrast of the finished space.

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