Testimonials & Reviews | Marwood Construction in Houston TX

” We were very pleased with Patrick building our new custom home. Right from the start he has very accommodating and informative. When we had a concern during construction, he was always available to address our anxiety. We were most impressed early in the process when he took the initiative to review our independent architects drawn plans. He discovered that there were missing piers and footings in the foundation supporting load points. We had never heard of a load point before this time. Although it cost us a change order, it was far less than a major structural problem later. It was at this time that we knew we were in good hands and gave him our unquestioned trust. We were not disappointed. We spent eighteen months collaborating on every detail of the finish schedule to create a home that we were absolute excited about. He was passionate about the project and very pleasant to deal with during good times and difficult ones. I am happy to recommend him as a man of integrity and heart.”

- Dr James & Kathy Kervin

” Patrick took over for our original builder when his project manager walked off the job leaving 6 incomplete homes in various stages. We were extremely distressed during this period, for our home sat unattended in the framing stage for 3 1/2 months. The other families and us took this matter up with the country club developer, who was unsuccessful in remedying the matter. Mr. Martin’s general contracting company contracted directly with the original builder to complete the homes. We were all very skeptical as to how this would work out….”

“In a very short period of time Patrick had new building permits and each home was moving forward. There was a period further delays as his group had to make many corrections from the previous builders oversights, but he made us believers.”…..

“I will say he took a lot of crap from me in the beginning and handled professionally. We greatly appreciate the efforts he made and the wonderful product that resulted from this nightmare scenario. Thank you for a job done beyond the call of duty.”

- Lowell Fixler

” We contracted with Marwood Construction to do a complete condo renovation at the Four Leaf Towers. We took bids from four general contractors and found Marwood Construction to be the best fit for our project. They listened to us carefully and made some terrific design suggestions that not only made our project better, but actually saved some money from the original contract amount. Although we had a number of surprises when we removed the old drywall from the ceilings, Marwood was able to properly re-frame over concrete to install a beautiful detailed blocked beam and wood panel ceiling . The matching wood wall block paneling and custom made cabinetry made the living area. We were in Mexico during most of the renovation and were very pleased with the design and construction. Outstanding carpentry craftsmanship at its best. “

- Jorge Sada

” We purchased a luxury spec home under construction. The home was in the pre drywall stage and we wanted to make some changes. We had previous experience with building two custom homes back in the northeast and did not have unrealistic expectations when it came to Texas quality….”

” For that matter I can say that I was not initially optimistic about how these changes would turn out. To my delight not only did the changes surpass my expectations, but the home’s finishes was equal to any home I have witnessed. Patrick’s candid honesty and stewardship throughout the homes construction was noteworthy. We were absolutely thrilled with how our home was built and would recommend Patrick to anyone wanting a special home.”

- Heywood & Linda Wilanski

” Marwood Construction designed and built our 6,800 sf two story modern traditional home. It took me a long time to understand this design-build process. The idea of contracting with a general contractor to lead the design team and build the home without competitive bidding just did not set well with me. I finally came around to understanding the value and cost savings associated with this method of home building. It finally occurred to me that I could check construction cost after design. I found that Marwood’s construction budget was well in line. More to the benefits of working with Patrick was that he kept us included in the process and updated on the impact on cost of some of the wish list items we wanted. We had some challenges but I would definitely build another home with him again. “

- Ed Tanari

” I really appreciated Patrick help and direction during the building of our home in Memorial. The home was already in the sheetrock stage when we purchased. Patrick and I spent a lot of time together selecting materials that fit into the allowance schedule. He was great to work with and surrounded me with other design advisers when I wanted to do something special with our decor. Patrick was able to make the process fun and I was very satisfied with the finishes of the home. “

- Mr. & Mrs Dr Shivshanker

” I was on the fence to build a new home or to add an addition to our existing home. Mr. Martin took the time to prepare a financial feasibility study to compare my two options. After a long conversation with him it became clear that the best option for my family was to add a two story addition to our home. I was impressed that he would provide this type of information when he had more to gain financially by selling me on the idea of constructing a new house. The design planning took a little longer then I had expected, but once we had our permits the framing was erected in no time. The project went smooth and without any major incidents and we were using it before Thanksgiving. I give Mr. Martin an A- for the entire project performance. “

- Henry & Barbra Robertson

“My wife and I found our home as a newly completed house, never occupied. We fell immediately in love with the home and location in Memorial. The quality of design and workmanship was excellent. The inlaid marble floors, job built cabinets and the extensive millwork was well done. Although we did not work with Patrick directly during the actual construction, he had constructed the home and it was well built and energy efficient. He had built the exterior walls with 2 x 6 studs and placed R-19 insulation in the walls instead of R-13. We were pleasingly surprised when we received our summer electric bill. Thank you for your craftsmanship.”

- Leroy & Lucile Melcher

” We had a contemporary style modern home designed by a well known architect. Patrick was commissioned to build our sprawling and complicated one story home. Being retired I spent a lot of time on the property during construction. I would visit with the subcontractors and even got to know the inspectors by first name. The home took nearly two years to build and I was there almost every day when I was not fishing or golfing. I got to know Patrick well during this period and he got to know me. I understand that my on site presence created a number of trying issues especially when I was giving subs directions. We had several conversations about this very issue, but Patrick was always polite and professionally respectful with everyone on his job site. He ran a tight ship and inspected the progress and workmanship daily…..”

” He has ask me to provide him this letter of reference. I might not have told him this enough times during our working together, but it was my pleasure and honor to work with this fair and honest man. My architect told me at final inspection that he thought that this was one of the finest homes he had the privilege of being involved with. Thank you Patrick.”

- Al & Dolaris Addis

” We contracted with Marwood Construction to conduct a whole home renovation in West University. We wanted to protect and restore the interior trim and staircase railing of the existing house. Marwood was to only general contractor to not attempt to talk us out of preserving it. They also came up with a design that allowed us to install slate tile on the existing roof by reinforcing the underside and installing some additional supports. We enjoyed working with Marwood Construction and they did a wonderful job of renovating our home. We would recommend that if you are wanting to restore a home, you speak with Marwood.”

- Helen Sisti

” I elected to interview Mr. Martin to build our new home based on his competitive bid and his reputation. I selected him for his knowledge and transparent approach in his business practices. My judgment was richly rewarded throughout the project….”

“Mr. Martin is a man of

his word. On several occasions I had to refresh his memory on promises made at the negotiation table that were not part of the contract. He stood by his commitment and honored his word. This is something that just does not happen enough these days. You are a good business man and a excellent builder.”

- Ray Henderson

” I can highly recommend Marwood Construction as a professional and talented home builder. Mr. Martin was able to meet me on site to discuss the financial and contractual details of our new home construction and turn around and discuss products and colors with Nancy in the same conversation. We both appreciated his skill and temperament through the entire ordeal….”

” There were numerous times during our homes construction that we would have a conversation about implementing a change to the design or using a specific product that I liked. There were precisely two occasions where Mr. Martin advised us not to use specific products and we did not listen. In both cases I paid to have them completely removed and replaced later because I did not listen. This is the greatest compliment I can pay him. His advice was as good as the home he built for us.”

- William & Nancy Chamberlain