Construction Management Services in Houston

Pre Construction

General Contractor Services

Although the construction process typically follows the same basic steps the process procedures will vary according to the service agreement the client selects to fit their construction approach.


Marwood Construction strives to provide value at every step of the construction process. We understand that many decisions should be made early in the planning and budgeting process to minimize unwelcome surprises. This process requires conceptual estimating, design development, scheduling and value engineering to help each client determine how to best construct their project before committing to a plan for final pricing. Our firm recognizes that setting clear project objectives early in the process results in a much more successful project and higher client satisfaction.

Project Management Service

Pre-Construction services include the following:

  • Feasibility Studies/Pro Forma
  • Site Selection
  • Site Assessment and Evaluation
  • Preliminary Site Layout
  • Zoning, Platting and Permitting
  • Budgeting and Conceptual Estimating
  • Design Assistance/Development
  • Design Review and Constructability Analysis
  • Preliminary Cost Estimating
  • Project Scheduling and Sequencing
  • Value Engineering
  • Coordination with Owner and Design Team Members
  • Material Selection Process
  • Bid Package Design and Implementation


  • Clearing and Site Preparation
  • Pier / Footings / Foundation
  • Framing and Roof Structure
  • Mechanical / Plumbing / Electrical
  • Insulation / Drywall
  • Trim / Paint
  • Cabinetry / Counter Tops
  • Wall Treatments
  • Flooring
  • Hardscape / Landscaping

Post Construction

  • Final Compliance Inspections
  • Pre Settlement Walk Through
  • Service and Warranty Programs
  • Settlement and Funding
  • Transfer of Utilities

Service Agreements

Service agreements available to clients considering the hiring of a construction professional include;

Optional Contract Services Agreement Structure

  • Cost Plus Services Agreements
  • Time and Material Services Agreement
  • Competitive Bid Services Agreement
  • Construction Management Agreement
  • Design Build Service Agreement

Design / Build Services

Design Service

Marwood Construction Design / Build Team can take your project from initial concept to completion, providing you with creative and distinctive design build solutions, whether your project involves a renovation/addition or a full site selection and ground up construction. Design / Build is a very effective method of project delivery creating a more collaborative relationship between the owner, architect and builder, which can provide significant benefits to the owner. Marwood will ensure that the project precisely fits your requirements and long term needs. Traditionally the owner selects one firm to provide both design and construction services. The design/ build process has been proven, by the Construction Industry Institute, to provide significant cost savings and schedule compression on building projects, when compared to more typical Design / Bid / Build or Construction Management type project delivery systems.

Under a design / build contract, Marwood Construction takes complete responsibility to perform both the design and the construction. This approach reduces the time spent by the owner, and thereby reducing the overall project schedule. The owner deals with a design / builder, rather than with a separate architect, contractor and subcontractors.

The Design/Build Advantage:

  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Greater Safety Control
  • Project Cost Established Sooner
  • Shorten Project Time
  • Innovative Solutions to Challenges
  • Cost Savings and Better Cost Control
  • Fewer Changes
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Greater Quality Control

Construction Management Services

Construction Management is one of the most widely accepted construction deliveries utilized today. Providing collaboration between the contractor, design team and owner, the Construction Management approach offers effective controls of a project from early planning to project completion. Considering the increasing difficulty of the zoning, platting and permitting process with local and federal jurisdictions early involvement of the contractor has become crucial to maintaining schedule and budget.

Construction Management Advantages:

  • Goal of the Project is shared by Contractor, Design Team and Owner
  • Provides services that complement and enhance the services of the Architect
  • Early Establishment of Budget
  • Early Establishment of Contractor Fee
  • Opportunity to Receive all Available Subcontractor Bids
  • Design follows the Established Budget
  • Less Time – Early Occupancy of Facility for Improved Operating Cash Flow
  • Less Time – Substantial Reduction of Interim Costs and/or Operational Equity
  • Greater Savings on Owner Interim Costs
  • More Innovative Solutions
  • Greater Control
  • Greater Team Approach
  • More Experience
  • Highest Level of Quality
  • Fewer Changes