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Investing with Marwood

Marwood Construction is interested in long term mutually beneficial relationships with real estate investors. We invite accredited investors to learn more about Marwood Construction and their managing partner Marwood Estates.

Our Goal; To Align Our Interest With Our Investors Interest Through Transparency & Integrity

Why invest with Marwood?

Good Returns – Investors can anticipate between 10% -16% returns
Secured Investment – The deed of the property will be used as security for those investors interested in funding lot purchase and construction cost.
Low Risk Investments – For leveraged construction real estate investments


Single Family Real Estate Investment Types

Multi-Unit Small Planned Single Family Developments
Luxury Single Family Spec Homes in Metro Houston
Upscale Older Home Whole Home Renovation

Investor Articles

Hurricane Harvey’s Aftermath Boon for Houston Investors

Hurricane Harvey ravished the Texas gulf coast by not just winds but from 3 days of steady rain fall accumulating 50+ inches of rain water. The region was further devastated by the storm surge that blocked contributories and would not allow...

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Houston Real Estate Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors

Houston Texas has many vibrant construction real estate investment opportunities for accredited investors and novice investors alike. Houston has proven to be a very resilient housing market the past 30 years. Most recently the past 5 years...

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Houston General Contractor Can Assist Investors in Houston Real Estate

Real estate investing requires a large collection of special skills to succeed in developing profitable projects. These skills are acquired through personal experience, education and the proper 3rd party professional service providers. Cons...

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What Factors Make a Good Real Estate Investment Sponsor

Even the most attractive construction real estate investment can experience volatile performance. Preparing and dealing with systemic and non systemic investment risk presents enough concerns for investors. Investors want more than anything...

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Why Building High End Homes is Attractive for Houston Investors

The Houston luxury housing market offers investors a unique investment niche opportunity unlike most real estate investment ventures. They provide investors the ability of maintaining a secured collateralized position while realizing retur...

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