10 Qualities of the Best Luxury Home Builders

12:35 Oct 2021
Luxury Homes

You may be one of the top honchos in the corporate world, a celebrity from the field of sports, films, or a high profile person in your respective field, when it comes to building a luxury home of yours, it is advisable to choose and work with experienced luxury home builders.

This is due to the fact that luxury homes need to be bedecked with fashionable and top-quality amenities or features to make them stand out in the competition. An inexperienced luxury builder can ruin your dream and leave you with plenty of post-construction work to complete and years of service problems.

So, to get a luxury builder to construct your dream luxury home you need to consider a number of things or should we call qualities in the person. It is only by engaging the right luxury home builder that a smooth home-building experience can be pulled off without any hassle. Let us discuss the top 10 qualities to consider while selecting a luxury builder for your luxury house.

Luxury Homes

Top 10 qualities of a best luxury home builder

The top 10 qualities that separate an experienced home builder from others to build your luxury home are as follows:

#1. Fits your personality

Since the builder will be responsible for bringing your dream into reality, you need to engage with him or her more often. So, the person chosen should be such who is not only an expert in the field of luxury home construction and has the requisite experience for it but has the personality to match yours. The person should not be always at loggerheads with you over simple matters and need to understand your perspective rather than pushing things his or her way. The builder should be friendly and help you make personal decisions, which may come up during the construction period.

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In fact, there can be times when you would want certain tweaks in designs to make the home suit your personality. During such times, the home builder should be willing to accommodate your instructions or suggestions to the extent possible. And if not possible due to limitations in design, at least, he or she should impress upon you the reasons for not executing the instructions or their ‘would-be’ adverse implications upon implementation. Prepare a wish list, which you want to incorporate in your new home, and share the same with the builder. The acceptance or rejection of your wish list can depend to a large extent on the type of personality of the luxury builder. You may read our resource on why Marwood Construction happens to be one of the top luxury home builders in Houston.

#2. Integrity

Sometimes the profit motive of a builder of Houston luxury homes can override the considerations of integrity and fair play. You need to remain on guard against such temptations to be shown by a section of builders. So, look for a general contractor who will provide you knowledgeable guidance that keeps you from making unavoidable chooses. He or she should act reasonably and responsibly when confronted with a challenge during the construction process. Although it is not possible to read someone’s mind and know if integrity is one among their forte, you can read reviews of other clients who have worked with the contractor and you can openly discuss with the builder how they would handle challenging points such as change orders and design errors. You must know what to expect from your builder when it comes to integrity.

#3. A collaborative work process

Building a luxury house is an elaborate process involving many people, agencies, processes, materials, tools and equipment. However, the work process must be transparent and shared with you beforehand. Collaboration is the process of mutual respect and cooperation throughout the design and construction process. It is the luxury builders responsibility to keep you apprised of product selections and required decisions for onsite construction details. It is the owner’s responsibility to research the required products considered and be decisive in the decision making process. The builder chosen by you with the requisite experience in building modern luxury homes should share with you the ‘easy to understand’ building process and guide you through the same. Simply put, there should not be any unilateralism shown in executing the construction work but a collaborative effort where both you and the builder should be on the same page.

#4. Portfolio matching your vision

The grandeur and scale of Houston luxury homes are defined by their architectural styles and work experience in executing such. It is important that your general contractor has the expertise and experience in transforming the architectural style in your mind, from design to reality. And should you be unsure of any architectural style to be the basis of your would-be constructed luxury home, then look at the portfolios of various builders and check if any of them matches your vision. Since it is the architectural style that will form the basis of the design of your luxury home, the builder should have the expertise to pull it off rather than merely tinkering with it. So, choose the home builder whose work portfolio is similar to the one you envision for your luxury home. You may read our blog to know more about the Houston architecture styles.

#5. Building experience in the area

Each neighborhood in a city can have its unique challenges when it comes to building modern luxury homes. These can be in terms of special municipal laws related to construction, regulatory policies to adhere to, topography, presence or absence of utilities, the typical architectural styles of buildings in the area, and the availability of men and materials, among others. Each neighborhood has deed restrictions that dictate architectural and building guidelines. Many of the municipalities have addendums to the national building codes that are required. The luxury home builder should have the experience in building luxury homes in the neighborhood to understand and address any of the above-mentioned challenges with minimum stress. It should not be the case that while the construction process is underway, the builder comes running to you to ‘solve’ any challenge that crops up from time to time, and you are left with the prospect of adding stress.

#6. Reputation for quality

The quality of your luxury home can only be ensured if the home builder has a reputation of upholding it consistently in every construction project he or she has undertaken. This also means working with experts or subcontractors who are accustomed to doing custom specialized work in luxury homes. Reputation reflects both the quality of construction and warranty customer service. In addition, it reflects on the luxury builders ability to constructively and ethically resolve problems. Further, the home builder and the subcontractors working with him or her should also be insured so that in the event of any unfortunate occurrence (any construction-related mishap at the site), you do not end up paying compensation or getting into costly litigation. You may view our video to know about the luxury home building services provided by Marwood Construction.      

#7. References from past buyers

You should always take into consideration posted customer reviews and testimonials of various luxury home builders but also check them out from other customers and subcontractors. You may get the list from the home builders in consideration, and a good one at that should not have any problem sharing it with you. You may ask the previous customers about their experiences of working with the particular contractor including the latter’s quality of work, behavior, knowledge about the construction domain, and the ability to manage ‘situations’, among others. In the ultimate analysis, these references are going to play the all-important role in guiding you to select the top luxury home builder for your dream .Houston luxury home.

#8. Appropriate certifications, accreditations and licensing

Although this is the obvious thing to look into but is worth mentioning that the home builder in question should have the necessary certifications, accreditations and licenses to undertake any construction work. He or she should meet the important building and safety standards of the area. Continued education is required to stay up with legislative and various code changes over time. Certifications, accreditations and Licensing also determines whether the contractor is a legitimate and established one to ply his or her trade.

#9. Flexibility

During construction, unexpected things may come up, especially when it is about luxury home building. Delays may become the order of the day unless the contractor shows the required flexibility to accommodate any changes that may be proposed by you or at least be willing to show the flexibility of how things will be done and to what extent he or she will be able to accommodate the proposed changes, if any. The contractor in question should be ready to adjust or alter his or her plan/schedule and be accommodating to your reasonable concerns and needs.

#10. Pride &Humility

A good contractor should be willing to be held accountable if any mistake is done during the construction process. He or she should show humility in accepting the responsibility instead of passing the buck and throwing you under the bus. The luxury builder should seek an effective and mutual solution to resolve the issue. The general contractor should be focused on making you, the buyer and/or owner, acceptably satisfied with the quality, the responsive service and the conditional expectations that were agreed upon at the beginning.


The construction of your dream luxury home is an elaborate exercise. It can only be done to your satisfaction and by adhering to all relevant regulatory standards by choosing the right home builder. The above-mentioned qualities can serve as a guide to select one and shape your dream luxury home according to your vision. You may read a blog to know more about the qualities of a luxury home builder.    

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