5 Steps to a Successful Bathroom Design and Renovation in Houston

11:20 Dec 2016

Bathroom renovations have a huge impact on our convenience and quality of life. The bathroom is one of the most expensive areas of the house, second only to the kitchen. The requirements of today’s spa like entitlements make the master bathroom essential for your to-do list improvements to your aging home.

Bathroom Design Theme
The first place to begin is making a decision on the design theme of your master bathroom renovation. Although that most of your guest will never see your beautiful newly renovated bathroom, most homeowners find that a bathroom provides them a peaceful and private retreat to rejuvenate their body and mind. This is a perfect place to relax and reflect on important concerns of the day or matters that cause stressful periods of your life.
A bathroom design theme should remind you of your positive achievements and reinforce your personal wins. Although the Romans and Greeks used public baths, they ushered in the influence of modern time personal purpose and use of bathrooms. Both of these historic cultures introduced the benefits of modern day spas. They introduced exercise areas, gymnasiums, hot springs and swimming pools into their health and personal care routine. They were also influential in introducing massages, bath minerals and scented oils into the bathing experience.
In modern times we have incorporated these health and personal care features into the convenient and private areas of our home instead of community bathing houses of pre western society. Today’s discriminating customers are demanding spa like themes and features of the master quarters.

Bathroom Product Selection
The product selection process is the key to the budget development process. Product selections can have a substantial impact on the budget and the overall performance and appearance of the bathrooms design. The selection of fixtures and materials are the center piece in the design effort. They dictate the location of the drain lines and supply lines. They dictate the fabrication specifications for counter tops and drive the location for value placement early in the remodeling process.
There are many manufactures of plumbing fixtures which results in many alternative options for the modern bathrooms requirements for fixture style and colors. Although the vast variety of manufactures presents the need for early selection due to the differences in their product specifications. This is due to the differences in the unique features of each manufactures product features. A late or change in product selection can cause schedule delays and unwanted expenses.

Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling Goals & Lifestyle
The general propose of a bathroom is obvious, but it should be noted how a bathroom will be used by the home owners. It is common of men to use bathrooms for brief periods of time. As a group, they typically spend less than 20 minutes time grooming. On the other hand females will often require twice as long to groom. If a married couple tends to use the bathroom at the same time will impact your design layout use of a bathroom. It is central for you to carefully consider your use patterns and time frequencies in planning the design layout.
There are many factors to consider when designing a luxury bathroom. Some of these factors are slip protection, lighting, linen storage, natural light and ventilation, to mention a few. It is very easy to focus on the design elements such as color and products that become the feature pieces of the bathrooms design theme and forget about less obvious details.
The importance of both natural light and incandescent lighting should not be overlooked. Both are essential for women applying make-up and to safely maneuver the space. The natural light also allows for the beauty of the products used to be showcased. Sufficient ventilation should be calculated to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and reduce the risk of mildew and mold developing.

Design Layout
The bathroom design layout is the creative composition of the selected products, design theme and space available. Creative and good design is a balance of form and function and accented by color to create an emotional response to the area. It is the relationship of these design features that result in the finished product.
The unique element of remodeling design is the restrictive nature of the existing space. The locations of toilets, tubs and showers can cause major restrictions to the layout design due to the plumbing drains embodied in the foundation. This can cause considerable expense in relocating these fixtures and make creative design changes difficult. Remodeling design layouts require skill and experience to achieve a time tested result.
It takes an experienced and knowledgeable designer to collect the design requirements, document the existing as built and creatively combine them into a new design that reflects the owners wishes. It is through these challenging conditions that great design is truly recognized.

The Renovation
If the products have been selected and the design layout carefully planned, the actual remodeling becomes a much more efficient and unproblematic. Having the finish products on hand in advance also helps expedite a smooth bath renovation. It is through proper planning and preparation that a successful execution is achieved.

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