7 Remodeling Design Ideas for Luxury Homes

10:13 Oct 2021

The luxury home in which you live now was arguably one of the best houses in the neighborhood when built. But after a couple of decades post construction, the same luxury house is likely to need major home product replacement and renovation. The reasons for doing so could be many – issues with the building like general wear and tear, family expansion, changing trends and needs, and to get a better price before selling, among others. However, before you pull the trigger on starting a Houston renovation, there are a number of preparations that are required. Remodeling contractors offering remodeling services to renovate your modern luxury home need the homeowner to have a good general idea of what they want. You may even read our blog to know why should you hire a remodeling contractor for your luxury home.

Top Houston remodeling design ideas for your luxury home

To upgrade your luxury home for added comfort, enhanced aesthetic appeal, or style, the following design ideas can be incorporated.

#1. Eco-friendly:

Transforming your luxury house into an eco-friendly place can lessen your carbon footprint and make it energy efficient. And there are more ways than one to achieve the same as mentioned below:

  • Make use of reclaimed materials to create an industrial or rustic design. These materials can be lumber from warehouses, wharves, and others to build stunning features. Your home remodeler can be a great source for evaluating eco-friendly options for other sustainable materials.
  • Installing energy efficient replacement windows using smart technology that automatically tints and shades the window glass as per the light conditions or by using smart devices for solar rated shades.
  • Use solar panels as the energy source for your luxury home or only for heating and cooling. Breaking dependency for fossil fuels and saving money has many benefits.
  • Insulate the walls or roof with earth-friendly materials such as spray foam will offer a healthy alternative for your family.
  • Install the latest energy efficient appliances, especially the HVAC system.

#2. Modern kitchen:

In most Houston remodel work, the kitchen gets the preference as it can be said to be the hub of your home. This type of home remodeling work can include changing the floor, say from small tiles to large tiles or granite, changing counter top material, or even opening the floor plan up to the living room etc. Make use of brushed aluminum islands or metallic covered cabinets to add depth and texture. You may also use dark woods with stainless steel, nickel or chrome plated hardware. View our video to know more about the luxury kitchen ideas to incorporate in your home remodel.

#3. Let more of sunlight inside:

How about sipping a hot cuppa of coffee while basking in the morning sunlight just by sitting inside your home? Natural sunlight has immense benefits for both physical and mental health of you and your family. So, the more natural light enters your home the more positive energy and ambience get created throughout the living spaces. The old designed luxury houses did not have enough designed sources for natural light, and so, it is important to renovate every room to either add or expand the existing windows. You may even add energy efficient windows to cut costs while benefiting from the glow of natural light entering your remodeled luxury home.

#4. Biophilic design:

Most of us want to be close to nature and enjoy the lovely visuals. A biophilic design blends nature, architecture and fashion elements to create a lovely appeal for your luxury home. This may include creating a style printed wallpaper with plant images mixed with colorful rugs and brick tying everything together. It will have a soothing effect on your mind and give the feel of green season even while you are cooped up inside. Such natural elements can have a therapeutic and calming effect on you and your family, which in a stress-filled tech-driven world of ours, is always welcome. Instead of plants, you may include elements such as caning, wood, wicker, stone, or cock, or simply add photos showing natural landscapes.

#5. Adding a touch of class:

For Houston remodeling of your luxury home, adding amenities or features can do you a world of good. These may include a spa, meditation room, cigar lounge, wine cellar and private bar, gymnasium, home-office, gaming room, or home theatre. These features or amenities can transform your home remodel into an inviting place exuding a touch of class.

#6. Children’s room:

The parents world moves around their children. To ensure your child gets the best of resources, ambience, and a quiet place to study, you may create a space that is conducive to learning. The study room can be customized to his or her interests and needs and facilitate learning. The space so created should be based on his or her personality. For instance, if your child gets easily distracted and has a less attention span then keeping the room cluttered can be counterproductive. You may read our resource to know about the home remodeling process.  

#7. Bathroom redo:

A spacious bathroom fitted with all the modern amenities can enhance the comfort of your modern luxury home goals to several notches higher. Among the amenities you may include in the bathroom are jacuzzi tubs, steam showers, sleek cabinetry, underfloor heating, sauna, heated towel rails, marble counters and floors, or standalone feature tubs. Opening the space up by creating a curb-less shower with frameless glass walls can produce a clean and rich appearance. 

#8. Better air filtration:

Indoor pollution has become a big concern due to the presence of dust mites, pollens, mold, dander, and smoke. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your luxury home is, if the ambiance inside is not healthy, it can put off visitors. Start thinking about the health of your family members by removing the above-mentioned pathogens or dust particles using a revamped HVAC system. Ask the remodeling contractor offering remodeling services to install electrostatic filtration in the entire home. When added to the HVAC ductwork, the filtration system shall charge the dirty air particles with a high-voltage blast. The system comprising plates generates an opposite charge to attract dust particles and, in the process, removes all such particles including smoke.

#9. Upgrade lighting:

Like many other elements in your home, lighting too has undergone changes – incandescent to the modern LED. With smart luxury homes becoming commonplace, the lighting in your luxury house can be upgraded with new fixtures and controlled through smart IoT devices. You may upgrade the pendant light in your kitchen or update the lamps in the living room. The new light fixtures can make your home truly luxurious in look and feel.

#10. Creating open spaces:

A distinguishing feature of any modern luxury home is the design features of open spaces. To achieve this in your home, you may opt for rearranging the existing space and creating smart storage solutions. In case, there isn’t enough room to expand, you may consider extending the home or converting the garage. However, make sure to engage professional remodeling contractors offering remodeling services for compliance with building regulations.

#11. Change of colors:

You may think of changing the color of your walls and ceilings in alignment with your personality or to make them look elegant. The colors should be vibrant and light to give a sense of spaciousness, cleanliness, and simplicity. Your modern luxury home should provide a balance between good colors that are easy on the eyes, lighting, and open spaces.

#12. Change the flooring:

The interior of your luxury home can get accentuated by the type of flooring you have. There are many rich looking modern flooring alternatives your home remodeler can show you. The most popular finished floor products used in Houston luxury homes are pre-finished polished wooden floors or natural stone products in light colors can exude an elegant look. So, opt for changing the flooring and usher in a modern luxury home look and feel. You may view our video to understand how to choose the perfect flooring type.


Incorporating one or more of the above-mentioned remodeling ideas in your luxury home can earn you excellent benefits in achieving a modern luxury home with plenty of style. However, it is only by engaging remodeling services of an experienced Houston renovation contractor that you can ensure the work to be completed safely, seamlessly, within timeline and budget, and more importantly, adhering to the local building laws. You may read a blog to know more about various remodeling ideas for your luxury home.

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