Best Architectural Design Features to Use in Your Luxury House

10:37 Jan 2022
Houston architecture

Building a luxury house that reflects your vision and choices can be a challenge for seasoned custom home designer let alone a homeowner. The first challenge is to incorporate specific architecture home design features that fit into your budget and more or less cater to your imagination.

The home of your dreams can have immense possibilities and choices, each better than the other. So, how do you go about choosing the best architectural design features from a plethora of choices? Read this article to learn about the various design features that you can incorporate in your luxury home and make it the dream house you always wanted. Additionally, you may read our resource detailing the luxury home design features.  

Houston architecture

Best architectural design features for your luxury home 

The architectural design features can cover various aspects of your luxury home – interior and exterior. Also, there are some common areas and exclusive personal enclaves inside the luxury house. So, let us delve into the wonderful and rarefied world of modern architecture homes and find out the best design features to incorporate.

Common living spaces

These spaces can be the best functional areas of your luxury home where the family can relax, play, interact, and gather just to have a good time.

These spaces are also frequented by guests who may be visiting your home where the guests may include your extended family members, friends, or colleagues. Since the common living spaces can be the fulcrum around which life goes, this area should represent your lifestyle and reflect an ambiance that makes you feel proud and good.

Gourmet kitchen

The kitchen can be that common area where it serves many functions in your lifestyle. It is an where your family spends a lot of time together, as well as a private space enjoying preparing those special dishes. As part of the building design, we can extend it to the dining space with proper seating arrangements where your family members and guests can spend their time in bonhomie.

The kitchen is likely to include high-end appliances, a multi-functional sink, a large enclosed pantry, and an elaborate seating arrangement, among others. It can also have under-cabinet lighting options that look chic and inviting. The kitchen should have a well-marked area for the family to partake in meals or indulge in some private conversations.

Also, depending on the kind of materials used for countertops (granite or quartz), the appearance of your kitchen can look plush but still be practical in its primary function.  


The sight of an array of books lined up on the bookshelf gives the impression of class and gravitas. Strategically placed well illuminated art niches with your favorite artifacts can add increased drama to a space. However, a modern luxury home should have built-in bookshelves in addition to the freestanding ones. You can have your favorite tomes tucked inside the shelves, which you can retrieve at leisure or show your guests as a mark of your depth of interest.


Going to the office or school means carrying all the kits at the right time. However, things can go awry if family members are habituated to keeping their office or school kits in an uncluttered way. So, a mudroom can help where everyone can leave their kits after a hard day’s work or school, and pick the same the day after. No need to search the entire mansion for a textbook, pencil box, or laptop. Just open the mudroom and get everything lined up the way they have been left the day before.

Home office

Ever since the pandemic entered into our lexicon of terminologies, working from home has become the new normal. So, a big home office equipped with all facilities (high-speed internet, computers, ergonomic chairs, big table, etc) can give you the much-needed leeway to remain in touch with your business or office.

Simply put, not only serious work, the home office can be your den when you want to focus on some big project, do some serious brainstorming, or get engrossed into reading a tome. Planning your Houston architecture to carve a separate space to locate your very personal space. You may even read our blog to know the steps of building a luxury home design.

Entertainment room and/or playroom

Are they different? well, yes with age just being the differentiator. Having recreation time with your family means throwing all stress into the back burner and indulging in no-holes-barred gaming activities. These may include playing high-end video games on an Xbox or Play Station or just stretching your arms with billiards.

Even your guests will not feel bored if they are introduced to a game of billiards or table tennis. Who doesn’t want a quick adrenaline spurring game of table tennis when two players are arrayed against each other and you playing the referee or be in the front row seat. A playroom, on the other hand, is for kids who want to spend some quality time through recreational activities.

Home theatre

How about enjoying a movie-viewing experience with your family members on the big screen, so to speak. Installed with the best visuals, lighting, and sound, watching your heavy-duty action flick or a game of Rugby can be an experience to remember. So, don’t forget to nudge your Houston architect to build a home theatre where everyone can just have a jolly good time.

Open floor plan

Want your modern luxury home to be spacious and look uncluttered? Your Houston architecture should include providing an open floor plan. This can be done by removing the walls and filling the spaces with artifacts, materials, and goodies organically. You may view our video highlighting how design-build contractors can offer luxury building services.

Outdoor living spaces

Luxury homes are not about the closed mansions of yore. Today’s modern luxury homes embrace both indoor and outdoor spaces for holistic living. So, it is not only the interior that matters but how the exterior has been fashioned for everyone to see and use.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are not individual silos but streamlined spaces where people can move in or out and enjoy a whole new luxurious living experience. Let us discuss the outdoor living experience you can enjoy with the beautiful design features.

Abundance of Natural Light

Regardless of the architectural style of your luxury house it is very important to have your Houston architect provide enough windows to flood the home with natural light. Contemporary architecture provides many options for allowing mass amounts of natural light to enter without it being uncomfortable to your temperature well-being or detrimental to decolorization of materials. 

Swimming pool

An aesthetically made custom pool can complement your outer landscape while creating a seamless flow of traffic with the interior. The very sight of turquoise waters glistening under the rays of the sun during daytime and the moon in the evening can conjure an aesthetic charm on everyone.

And if your business client happens to soak in the leisure around the pool, the impression will certainly be positive.

Spa and sauna

Keeping fit has become the mantra for successful people, and so, building a spa and sauna on the outside living area of your luxury home can be a plus.

How about sitting in a well ventilated space with bubbling jets splashing on you? Any better idea to de-stress? The best part is that you come out of the spa and sauna a new person bubbling with energy while having a Zen-like poise.

Multi Vehicle Garage

Although having a garage in a luxury home should not raise eyebrows or considered a given but according to a modern architectural home design, this can mean finishing the space for poker parties or game day events. Finishing the concrete floors with a colorful epoxy poured finish, work shop areas, a mobile bar, or a place displaying your favorite sports memorabilia. As well as its primary purpose storing special vehicles that are not intended to be left outside.

Personal spaces 

How about recreating a luxurious personal space that you found during your numerous traveling sojourns? Creating an ultra-comfortable cocoon as an escape from the hustle and bustle of life is something you deserve to relax and recharge.

Master bedroom

Your luxury home should look plush from every angle with king-size beds, bedding, a reading enclosure, and curtains. Introducing features such as a fireplace or a private sitting area. It will act like your dream enclave where you can enjoy while basking in the surrounding aesthetics and other comforts.

Master bathroom

The bathroom is a personal space where you are likely to spend some quality time and drive away stress. Simple showers are no longer acceptable. Master bathroom showers require features such as rain heads, body sprays, warming lights and a sitting area.

How about installing full-body jets of a Jacuzzi, immersive lighting, heated floors, a cool bathtub to sit and relax, personal walk-in closets, a space for laundry, or a large dressing room? The amenities inside should make you spend more time inside and forget the world outside.

Home automation

How can technology be left behind when you are creating a luxurious space for your family. The advanced IoT-enabled gadgets can give you the convenience of controlling every element in your house using a remote. That modern means smart should not be lost in translation anymore.


 The list of features to install while building your dream luxury home can be long. However, consulting an experienced and accredited Houston architect or custom home designer can help you sort through the features you can install and turn your dream above into something that evokes awe and admiration. To know more about such features to transform your luxury home, you may read a detailed blog.  

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