How Home Renovators Make the Difference During Renovating

09:49 Apr 2023
Home Renovators

When it comes to house renovation the first thing you should do is contact a small select group of home renovators. A professional home renovator can offer you trusted advice and guidance in successfully executing your home renovating project.

If you have home renovation experience or not, evaluating your options is an important part of the process.

If it is an entire kitchen renovation or a major full house remodel, there are many factors to take under advisement before you start tearing your house apart.

When it comes to home renovations most owners are emotionally invested. They commonly have lived in the house and become very attached to the memories that are enclosed in the house they know.

They may not like a number of things about their house, but the mere thought of dismantling it brings utter fear to them. It is natural to get emotional about the thought of tearing up your home.

There are indeed many matters to get anxious about when your mind turns to the thought of you renovating a home.

We will discuss preparing for the process of renovating a house and offer some insight into the handling of home renovators to achieve your renovation needs successfully.

We will discuss the many benefits of house renovations and their impact on your home’s value. During these discussions, we will also look at the cost to renovate the house.

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Learn About Home Renovators and the Benefits of House Renovating

Home Renovators

Defining Different Types of Home Renovators

When you are preparing for your house renovation one of the first things that you need to do is select a short list of qualified home renovators.

This typically takes some research in asking neighbors or friends and searching the internet for the home renovators that fit both your project and your personal needs.

Let’s start by saying that not all home renovators are the same or do the same type of project work.

The primary difference in renovation companies is that some of them operate with subcontractors and some operate as self-performing contractors with their own employees.

There are advantages to working with each of these construction business models.

Self-performing home renovators are normally small firms with one to multiple crews of 2 to 4 men.

The members of these crews will perform many of the renovating tasks required to complete the project.

These types of renovation companies will hire professional trade contractors to perform the licensed trade activities such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

The remaining activities will be executed by the house renovator’s crew.

The other primary type of renovating contractors hires independent trade contractors.

These types of renovation companies operate like general contractors. They prepare contracts and insurance certificates and manage the work scope required for the project.

These types of home renovators are great for larger projects, while the self-performing contractors are best suited for smaller projects.

Once you have identified what you think is the best couple of remodeling companies to select, it is time to conduct a formal interview to determine if the renovating contractor’s interest is aligned with yours.

We offer a collection of important questions to ask your home renovators

Home Renovating Benefits

There are many benefits in results of renovating a house. They increase the home’s value; they can provide greater function and efficiency in the house’s flow & use and they can better fit your current lifestyle to name just a few benefits.

The primary question you need to ask yourself is the cost of the home improvements you are planning going to be recaptured when you sell and or are resolved in accepting that the cost does not matter.

We examine house renovation costs later in this article.

As suggested, there are many house renovating benefits that result from a well planned and executed renovation project.

The primary reason that motivates owners to undertake a major home renovating project is the enrichment of their lifestyle.

Families may consider their maintenance and repair schedule starting to pile up or maybe they have been planning on updating but could not afford it when they purchased their house.

The family also changes in its needs as children mature. What was acceptable when the children were toddlers becomes an undesirable environment as the owners begin to host the family holidays as the owner’s parents aged.

It is important to understand your goals and benefits for any house renovations. Getting caught up in the options and details can cause you to lose focus on the bigger picture and cause haywire with your construction budget.

Once you have identified your general renovation needs it’s time to prioritize the features of your project. For instance, if you are renovating your kitchen you will want to recognize if you want to replace the cabinets or give them a facelift.

Replacing the cabinets will normally require replacing the countertops and backsplash. So, the decisions you make should not be hasty.

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Home Renovating Process

House renovating has two paths in preparing commencement. If you are making structural changes like moving walls or changing the footprint of rooms, you will need to have construction drawings prepared.

If you are just planning changing windows, roofing, or flooring in your house, you will normally not be required to produce design plans.

If your design requires plans or construction documents, you have several different directions you can take.

The first is hiring an architect to help you prepare these documents. There are two immediate benefits to preparing plans and documents.

Once prepared you can use them to solicit bids from your short list of renovation contractors. You will also need these documents to obtain a building permit.

The downside of this approach is that you can over design your plans. This results in your house renovation cost being much higher than you planned.

To resolve this outcome, you will need to redraw the renovating construction documents.

This will add time and cost to your renovation project and require you to value engineer your home plans to reduce your house renovating cost.

The alternative approach for design document preparation available to the owner is to use the design build method.

The design build approach is when the renovator provides both the design and construction services for your house project.

Home Renovators Houston

They will prepare the construction documents as a separate scope of work. When the drawings are complete your contractor will prepare a schedule of values for the cost of renovating the house.

The ideal difference is that the renovator is guiding the design process and providing cost information about certain design features to avoid a complete redesign.

Secondly, if there are design plan errors, the design build renovating contractor is responsible instead of the owner, as would be the case if the owner hires the designer directly.

The design build approach also offers the advantages of saving the time of soliciting bids and vetting contractors, creating a team approach toward the design and building process, and typically reducing the overall house renovating cost.

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House Renovation Cost

The primary question you need to ask yourself is the cost to renovate a house you are planning going to be recaptured when you sell and or are you resolved in accepting that the cost does not matter as much as having the improvements?

The cost to renovate a house will need to be a contractor’s bid or a targeted investment amount that is financially feasible for you.

If your answer is that house renovating cost recovery matters, then you will need to do some additional research to understand the impact of the cost on your ultimate house resale value.

The method you will need to use to determine the impact on your home’s value is to go to your local appraisal district’s website and research neighboring house values.

Look for properties that have been remodeled and those that have not. Compare the assessment values taking notes for additional research.

In addition, researching the selling price of any homes recently sold will help you determine a market value baseline for your dwelling.

Adding the house renovating cost to the estimated market value will result in the net effect of your after-renovation value.

Multiply the after-renovation value times 4% per annual x the years you plan on living in your home. Compare the after-renovation market value to the values of recently sold homes using the same inflation factor.

For further results on the cost to renovate a house visit our infographic.


When it comes to renovating homes there is no better way to start than selecting the services of a qualified home renovator for advice and guidance. Undertaking a major house renovation can be rewarding if properly planned and carefully thought through.

Professional home renovation companies follow a very structured process that is time tested. Home renovators can make renovating homes a rewarding experience by avoiding the pitfalls of managing your house renovation costs and renovations.

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