Interior Designer vs. Remodeling Contractor: Whom to Hire For your Home Renovation?

05:04 Mar 2020
home remodeling in Houston

Whilst embarking on your renovation journey in Houston, it is essential you select the right person to help you succeed. Depending on the kind of work you are thinking about, you might need a remodeling contractor or interior designer to help you out.

In case you have not been a part of interior designing or home remodeling in Houston before, you might be confused between the two, and wondering who the best is.

A Brief Look at These Two Professions

An interior designer possesses a professional designing degree and deeply understands how spaces function.

They may also be skilled decorators. But do not mix them up with interior decorators. The former can craft structural changes and also decorate, but interior decorators may not have technical design skills.

home remodeling in Houston

On the other hand, a remodeling contractor provides labor, equipment, and materials, amongst other things. A general remodeling contractor may also appoint sub-contractors to perform specialized task when required.

When Should You Go for an Interior Designer?

  • You are thinking about remodeling, but also require assistance re-shaping a living space. This is usually when people decide to call experts at interior design in Houston.
  • You want a wonderfully furnished home to attract a prospective home buyer. These trained professionals design keeping specific requirements in mind. Also, they wonderfully understand the latest trends too. Thus, you can rely on them, trust their design ideas, and eventually, it will let you easily sell the house.
  • You require someone with connections. Most designers are well-connected with expert local workers or specialty shops where premium materials are available.

When to Select a Remodeling Contractor?

  • You cannot manage the construction elements of your property on your own. A house will not look impressive if there is shoddy workmanship, irrespective of how beautifully it is decorated. So, it is best to go for remodeling in Houston, and give your home a shinning new look.
  • There is plenty of construction work, but very little time, and you want to do profit on your property. In case there is a vast amount of work left, having experienced people on board will keep the project steering ahead quickly. Doing it alone increases the risk of not being able to complete the work within the stipulated time.
  • You are completely re-configuring the home. In case you are planning on major changes to numerous rooms and load-bearing walls, it is best to hire a remodeling contractor. They will be the perfect resource for your work.

Who to Choose?

These 3 simple considerations will help you decide whether you need a remodeling contractor or an interior designer:

  • Understand Your Numbers

Plan exactly which portions of the house you wish to remodel, and how you want it done. Determine your budget, and also, what kind of timeline you are dealing with. Get estimates from various interior designers and/or contractors.

  • Do Ample Research

Do not just select the first person who comes up in your internet search. Seek recommendations from friends and family. Meet with contractors and designers in person and understand their offerings. Remember, cheaper renovation or interior design in Houston is not always better. The work needs to be done safely and correctly.

  • Be Willing to Collaborate

Remember you are hiring them for a reason; making your house more appealing. The contractor and/or designer must value your opinion.

Thus, determine the project’s scope, the depth of your skills, and hire professionals accordingly.

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