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13:12 Jun 2017
kitchen remodeling

When considering a home kitchen remodel it all begins with a exhaustive search of the vast number of kitchen remodeling ideas that are available. There are many factors that make up our perception of the perfect kitchen. Kitchen renovations are the single largest most popular of all home renovations. The kitchen evokes an emotional response in each one of us that drives our personal desire for specific design themes, colors and the materials that make up our dream kitchen. Recognizing the impact of that specific kitchen features have on you and how each idea will blend with your collection of ideas is the secret sauce in the creation of the perfect kitchen remodel recipe.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Themes – The kitchen design theme sets the standards for the design tone for the architectural features and materials selected to develop the kitchen remodel. The homes existing design theme should be taken into account for blending with your new kitchen remodel theme. This suggest that you want to avoid implementing a modern designed kitchen in a home that has a Mediterranean design theme.

When developing the design theme for kitchen renovations, it is worth noting that some trends are better than others. There are some trends that become classically accepted and incorporated into the fabric of homeowners lifestyles. There are other trends that popular acceptance passes shortly after its initial arrival.

Kitchen Layout – The kitchen layout options consist of different shapes that are often referenced by a letter in the alphabet such as U, L, I and O. Well balanced kitchen remodeling ideas take into account both the function and form of the kitchen layout. The kitchen design includes three separate work stations to address in the planning of design. They are the food prep area, cooking area and clean area. Identifying the three primary work stations and placing them in non conflicting areas of the kitchen will avoid functional conflicts when more than one person is using the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinetry – Cabinetry is the largest and most expensive kitchen product item during the Kitchen Remodel process. The selection of cabinetry comes in many wood species and color treatment options. Typically one must decide between the more expensive stain grade cabinets to a lesser cost alternative of paint grade cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets also play a major role in the utility of the kitchens functionality. Planning the storage contents for each cabinet when developing the layout is of great assistance in determining the cabinet size and shelving configuration. Drawers also play a vital role in the kitchens efficiency of use and storage. A few deep drawers can come in handy for many special access needs. Depending on the magnitude of the renovations, the cabinetry are often a long lead item and should be considered carefully into the kitchen renovations timeline.

Kitchen Appliances – Technology has had a major impact on the current kitchen appliance manufacturer’s bells and whistles offered. Kitchen appliances have become extremely efficient in their energy consumption and inspiring using wifi electronics, elliptical body shapes, glass viewing windows and architectural handles.

Commercial appliance design has influenced the residential appliance market the past decade. The introduction of free standing cooking ovens, built in microwaves & warming drawers and stylish vent hoods have made today’s kitchen in high demand.

Kitchen Counter Tops – The is an endless supply of hard surface materials that make beautiful and practical counter tops. The popularity and beauty of granite counter tops has led manufactures to create products that are both beautiful and even more durable then natural stone.

Products like solid core synthetic materials have gain favor due to their durability and ease of maintenance. They claim to be resistant to scratches, stains, heat and impact resistant. They require no special sealants and come in even a wider range of colors and patterns then natural stones.

Kitchen Flooring – The selection of flooring materials will represent the transition between adjoining rooms and a surface that unifies the complimenting kitchen materials. Traditionally there are four basic options, wood, ceramic, stone and stained concrete. They all have their time and place for properly framing the finished kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash – The kitchen backsplash has become the statement design piece in today’s kitchen. It allows a perfect opportunity for the owner to introduce their personal signature and collectively unite all the other materials into a beautiful symphony .

There is an endless supply of backsplash options and ideas these days. The materials are made of stone, glass, metal and ceramic. Backsplashes are created by the use of solid materials and mosaic patterns introducing the flavor and spice to the kitchens finished renovation recipe.

Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures – Kitchen sinks and oversized extractable faucets have extended the former plumbing fixtures function to one of design and beauty. The European sink basins, touch less faucets and adjustable kitchen stove top spigots have long been commercial base fixtures that have worked their way into the homes kitchens. Not only do they grab your attention when you walk into the room, but they add a greater functionality to your daily life.

Kitchen Lighting – Kitchen lighting serves two specific functions. The first is one of general lighting to illuminate the general kitchen area. General kitchen lighting should light up the entire kitchen area uniformly. The second function that lighting serves is the accenting or feature illumination of design features or display areas. These lighting areas highlight architectural cabinetry, secondary lighting and specific work stations.

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