What Influences Personal Luxury Home Design in Houston

08:22 Jul 2017
luxury home design

One of the far most difficult challenges for distinguishing homeowners is grappling with defining their personal luxury home design theme. One of the most common things we hear from clients is “I will know it when I see it “. This statement strongly suggest that our client wants something very personal and uniquely different. Achieving a balance of uniquely personal design with well defined form and function is a what timeless architectural design is all about. The blending of lifestyle functions with ecstatically engaging form makes for a very compelling emotional connection.

Understanding the owners lifestyle is central to personalizing the luxury home design. So we ask our clients many questions about their lifestyle and family in an attempt to facilitate some working parameters to provide the guidelines framework for a conceptual footprint. This information allows us to ideally outline the primary living space in developing a working idea of the space required. We can then add bedrooms, porches and garage space to capture the body of the homes footprint.

Identifying the luxury home design theme is what characterizes each room giving feeling and character to the space. It is when the conceptual space plan meets the homes design theme that the drawings actual comes alive. So we will examine some of the personal experiences that we think become substantial influencers in owners selections of luxury home design.

luxury home design

Travel Experiences

We are convinced that for owners who have traveled substantially and seen many architectural styles are greatly influenced by what they have experienced. The shapes and forms of architecture has an impact on our sense of style, both domestically and internationally. The leading architectural trends of California and Florida influence luxury home builders and owners alike. From the Mediterranean style of the Amalfi Coast line communities to the modern homes influences of Australia, people are influenced emotionally by designs they see.

Commercial Architecture

On more than one occasion we have been asked to visit a hotel or a high end office buildings lobby for the purpose of capturing and incorporating specific design features into the owners luxury home. These items can be stone floor designs, stairways and balcony railings and millwork details that accent commercial lobbies and bars. The influence of progressive energy efficient materials and design features also have a major impact of luxury home builders and architects. Many of the design features used in commercial architecture have crossed over to high acceptance in luxury home design.

Past Old Neighborhood Home Designs

We are also predisposed by the neighborhood culture and homes we grew up in. There is a natural desire as we age to capture a familiarity of a past home or neighborhood that we were raised in. There is a very emotional warmth that many owners are comforted with and nostalgic for. It may not always reflect your immediate taste in your homes design but can influence the type of neighborhood or street you select. We have also experienced a request to create a specific space in the home around a treasured piece of furniture that the owner was emotionally invested.

Home Site

In today’s rising luxury home construction cost the greatest impact on the homes design is the homes building site. When planning the home design, no other factor has the restrictive influences as does the neighborhood and home site dimensions that you select. The shape of the lot, the neighborhood deed restrictions and the architectural review committees authority has a far reaching restrictive influence on the luxury homes design and architecture style. Luxury home builders begin the home design process with a home site plan to determine the feasibility of the owners desired foot print.

Lifestyle Activities

By far the greatest influence in luxury home design is the owners lifestyle. The current and future needs of their family, how they entertain friends and family, and most importantly how they want to feel about their home. It is essential to capture these activities in the expression of the homes design. The provisional space required for special collections and leisure time interest are the details that make the owners home the special place for retreat and reinvigorating themselves.

Buyer’s Regret from Design

The need to drill down into the details of the owners past influences and future lifestyle needs is to avoid the possibility of regret. The designing of a new luxury home can be an extremely exciting time. The last thing the owner and your design team want is a for the owner to regret that they did not include a special design feature into the drawings after the home is complete.

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